Cloud/Connectivity Industry trends
14 March 2017

Because hybrid sees a diverse range of on-premise, hosted and cloud-based services operating side-by-side, it’s only going to be cost-effective if you can establish reliable, secure connectivity between the different...

Data centres and beyond NEXTDC facility updates
24 February 2017

Today is the era of the data centre and cloud, where workplaces are digital and connectivity the vessel, to realise new efficiencies and unleash human potential.

Cloud/Connectivity Industry trends
23 February 2017

As your business needs continue to shift, your network connectivity will need to be flexible and available, when and where it’s needed to enable your organisation to evolve.

Data centres and beyond Design innovation Industry trends
01 February 2017

The underlying relationship between temperature and humidity must be a key consideration for data centre operators in terms of infrastructure risk management. ASHRAE’s latest recommendations now support facility operators increasing...

Events and awards Partner news
19 December 2016

“We are thrilled to have been recognised here today as the enterprise NEXTDC partner of the year. This award signifies our collaborative relationship with NEXTDC, enabling us to deliver global...