04 October 2018

Around the Bay - Helping our future generation achieve their personal best in life

By Craig Scroggie, NEXTDC CEO

We launched our corporate philanthropy project, ‘Live to Give’ in July which encompasses extensive initiatives to help improve the communities in which we live and work. ‘Live to Give’ empowers every member of our team to support local communities amongst each of our data centre locations. We feel passionately about playing our part for the generation to come, and it’s my firm belief that companies can do more than just make money, they can give back to the community and use their success to improve our society.

We have partnered with The Smith Family to embrace the power of education and invest in the futures of disadvantaged young people. Through this partnership, we are sponsoring The Smith Family's Learning for Life scholarship program, which provides early intervention and balanced, long-term support to over 38,000 students across Australia.

NEXTDC CEO Craig Scroggie with The Smith Family's Head of Strategy, Judy Barraclough at the launch of 'Live to Give'

In Australia, 1 in 7 children are growing up in disadvantaged homes, where even the basics in life are hard to come by. Supporting their education is the key to breaking the cycle of disadvantage. Raising much needed funds will give children in need essentials like school books, bags, uniforms, shoes and the help they need to keep up at school.

In addition to our corporate partnership and our donation of $50k to The Smith Family, we knew we wanted to do more. We set ourselves a challenge and it had to be something we could all be a part of. When the 2018 Around the Bay event was launched, we knew that was it. We wanted to push ourselves to our limits and do something that would test everything we had, with the aim of raising another $100k for these kids and to help break the cycle of disadvantage.

This is such a wonderful cause, these kids deserve to stay in school, get an education and give themselves the best possible chance at a great life.

So we are going to give our personal best on the bike, so our future generation can achieve their personal best in life!

Some of the NEXTDC team hard at training for Around the Bay 2018

What started out as a team in the event, very quickly turned into the largest corporate event we have ever hosted. We created a sponsorship package and invited our strategic investors, suppliers and channel partners to join. In just one week we had 16 partners committed to join us and we had built a team of 70 riders. This was BIG and I couldn’t help but feel excited about what we could achieve through our fundraising efforts across all 70 riders.

Our Around the Bay team have spent the last 6 weeks pushing ourselves beyond barriers we didn’t think were possible. Some have never ridden as far in one day as they have in our training sessions and our ride on Sunday will smash through that personal best once again. It has been truly inspiring watching our team grow and achieve new personal bests, something we encourage our team to strive for every day.

As we enter the last week before our ride this Sunday, we have given our training our all, our riders are as ready as they can be, so our focus now is the final few days of fund raising for The Smith Family. We set out to raise $100K, to date we have raised more than $70K, so with everyone’s last push we can get there.

NEXTDC Around the Bay riders with Tattersall’s Cycling Club, up early and ready to ride

I am not sure I am 100% ready for around 10 hours on the bike, but I have given it everything I’ve got and so have our team. To our sponsorship partners, we are so incredibly proud of our partnerships and privileged to stand beside you for such a worthy cause. To our friends, families and networks that have sponsored our riders and donated to our team, we are so grateful for everyone’s heartfelt contribution and wonderful messages of support.

Your donations will not only go toward helping kids in need, it will give us great motivation to keep pedalling this Sunday.

To visit our page, leave messages for our riders and get behind us in this incredibly important cause, visit our fundraising page.

We thank our sponsors for their generous contributions