ASE delivers business efficiency beyond the technology

Established in 2001, ASE is a global leader in cloud services, providing its partners with technological solutions designed to make a company’s digital performance more efficient, deliver greater value, and able to meet future demand.

ASE’s Founder and CEO, Andrew Sjoquist, knows that despite the recent consolidation of technology services, ASE customers are guaranteed reliability. Existing to create a world where business solutions are underpinned by technological mastery, ASE offers customers agile solutions by enriching (purpose) and empowering (function) partners to embrace the cloud with certainty and innovation.

ASE is technology agnostic, assessing a client’s individual needs to configure a tailored solution that utilises the best technology available – according to a client’s budget and product / marketing roadmaps. Partnering with the best in the business to support ASE’s creative approach to solutions means working with leading infrastructure manufacturers such as Cisco, NetApp and Dell. Since 2013 ASE have worked with NEXTDC to deploy solutions into several data centres, assisting ASE grow their business and national footprint. Leveraging NEXTDC’s Partner Program has also opened the door to new customer opportunities, solidifying the importance of good partner relations to enable value-added service delivery – always.

“We wrap an end-to-end solution in a management platform that allows us to engage with our customers on a business level, helping them understand their total cost of ownership and improve overall efficiency in their business, rather than simply applying a technology stack.”

Andrew Sjoquist, Founder and CEO, ASE


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