BDO innovates to collaborate

In Brisbane, BDO maintains a regional hub for shared IT services in NEXTDC’s B1 Brisbane data centre.

As part of a global audit, tax and advisory network, BDO is at the forefront of its industry, dealing with digital disruption, and the need to rapidly change and upgrade its IT services. BDO needs to both reply in real-time on very complex matters, while working with their partners to understand and realise emerging opportunities.

Although the way the firm works is changing dramatically, establishing an appetite for change throughout the diverse organisation has been challenging, because BDO must look two to three years into the future to see what current methods will still work, while continuously supporting all service lines, and giving BDO staff more time for their projects and future opportunities.

“NEXTDC is perfect in the business it does: rock-solid, safe, secure, bullet-proof data centres and facility services, at a level we could not compete with at that value, and it lets me focus on providing the information and business support systems to the partners and staff of the firm without having to worry about any of that.

“And as we mature in our use of those services we can take on other services from NEXTDC as well, like some of the high-speed, high-performance interconnects to some of our cloud providers, so we can take advantage of the cloud opportunities without some of the disadvantages typically associated with those solutions.”

Nick Brant, Chief Information Officer at BDO Brisbane


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