BigAir hosts IT solutions you can touch and feel

Publicly listed BigAir are an ICT provider in the mid-market space with a national focus, and one of Australia’s leading providers of managed services and cloud-based solutions, offering a Fixed Wireless Ethernet network that has the flexibility to scale as business conditions change.

Although they provide outsourced services, BigAir’s customers still want to know what’s happening and be able to touch and feel their IT solutions to make sure it’s real – the people and systems, not just the individual detail, so they can more effectively conduct due diligence. In other words they want to see BigAir have the capability to deliver, not just a piece of paper that says they can.

NEXTDC plays a part by providing a state-of-the-art home for BigAir’s critical IT infrastructure and reassurance for their customers that their services enjoy a 100% uptime guarantee. BigAir have gained geographical diversity a presence in NEXTDC’s Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth data centres, and mainly utilise S1 Sydney and P1 Perth data centres for their cloud services.

BigAir’s data centre service with NEXTDC is an entire solution for the company, including cloud and DR, as well as maintenance and security, with NEXTDC’s hands and feet on the ground if anything goes wrong.

“…we know we’ve got the secure locked cages, all of the security and access controls, as well as comms diversity and power diversity, all of the standard stuff that we take for granted, but when you look around at some of the other data centres, you question ‘is this actually real?’, whereas with NEXTDC we know it is.”

Scott Atkinson, Chief Technology Officer – Cloud and Managed Services, BigAir Group


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