We are offering 6 months free port rental across any AXON port to all human and essential services businesses.

The interconnected advantage

Enable your business to thrive with AXON, NEXTDC’s interconnectivity platform. AXON delivers your business a superior interconnected experience so you can deliver your customers an experience they won’t find elsewhere.

AXON unites businesses, networks and cloud providers, enabling direct access to the leading cloud platforms, along with more than 640 of the countries’ leading networks and ICT service providers that operate within our network-rich partner ecosystem. AXON’s high-performance virtual connections give you fast, secure and dynamic access from one to many ICT services Australia-wide. And because your AXON connections are private, they never touch the public internet, resulting in greater control and reliability of the critical infrastructure that powers your business, and enhanced security of your data.

Direct cloud interconnections to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud and Alibaba Cloud allow enable businesses to bypass the public internet when connecting to your public cloud providers. Direct cloud interconnects are dynamic, high-performance connections that help reduce costs and increase performance.

What is AXON?

AXON is an advanced virtual interconnection platform that orchestrates high-performance connections between your data, applications, customers and users. Delivering high-performance private connections, AXON allows you to unite your mission critical IT workloads and customise your hybrid network in real-time.

AXON’s high-performance virtual connections give you the fastest, and most secure access to any number of Cloud and ICT services Australia-wide.

Delivering a customer-first experience, AXON connections never touch the public internet – enabling the enhanced control you need to drive stability and performance of the critical infrastructure that powers your business and increased security of your data.

Benefits of connectivity


Connect to the IT services your business relies on


Dynamic virtual connections that scale as needed.


Private connections that never touch the public internet


high-bandwidth and low latency connections

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Power your business through AXON

  • One AXON port = multiple virtual connections
  • Create any number of virtual connections online anytime
  • Provision in minutes, pay for what you use
  • 100% neutrality, Australia-wide
  • High calibre of carriers, cloud services providers and IT integrators
  • Connect with the services critical to your organisation
  • Instant access to leading cloud platforms
  • Customise your own private, secure network in real time
  • Extend your reach and generate new business opportunities


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