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Rack Ready packages

Our rack ready colocation solutions consist of pre-installed racks in every data hall, with full power and connectivity capabilities ready from your service commencement.

Depending on your specific requirements, NEXTDC rack ready solutions can accommodate quarter rack to full rack, and single rack to 10 contiguous rack configurations.


Standard Rack Ready Package

Our standard Rack Ready package is suitable for individual or multiple racks. Each NEXTDC standard Rack Ready package includes a subscription to ONEDC® for managing your service. Racks are provided already fully installed within our data halls, which feature energy-efficient hot and cold aisle containment and have colour-coded doors to indicate the correct equipment installation and airflow.

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Rack Block

If you order 10 or more contiguous racks, they can be supplied as a Rack Block. Rack Blocks provide you with extra flexibility because you're able to share the total power allocation across all the racks in your block.


Quarter Racks

Quarter racks are a simple solution for those looking for a smaller footprint and ability to scale their IT infrastructure as requirements evolve. They are individually secured and feature the same inclusions as the standard Rack Ready Package.

Superior security

When your infrastructure is secured in our data centres, it's protected by advanced physical security systems and protocols, monitored and secured 24x7.

These include a multi-layered access system with individual authentication using combined bio-metric fingerprint technology, tamper proof ID access cards (IDACs) that cannot be cloned, an extensive CCTV network and 24x7 onsite security staff.

Identification Access Cards (IDACs)

Our Identification Access Cards (IDACs) combine photo and bio-metric template technology to ensure that only authorised individuals can gain access to our data centres.

IDAC's give authorised personnel freedom to enjoy 24/7 facility access, and are pre-programmed to restrict access to specific data halls, or down to finite detail such as specific rack pods and rack bays. All access is monitored electronically and time and date stamped with a full audit trail, available to be viewed and reported on-demand in ONEDC®. Personnel granted access to the data centre, that require 24x7 access are required to have their own IDAC, which incurs a small monthly fee (NEXTDC waives the fee for your first two).

A ‘bio-metric template’ is your fingerprint, which is stored on your IDAC. This template is a digital reference of distinct fingerprint characteristics as determined by the bio-enrolment process. The template is stored only on the card itself and not in our security system, with the card and fingerprint unable to be tampered with ensuring complete security at all times

Additional IDAC benefits include:

  • Access permissions can be controlled by your company administrator in ONEDC® from individual users, to work groups
  • Digital access tracking providing a full audit trail
  • IDAC’s can be ordered and decommissioned as you require for authorised personnel directly from ONEDC®.

Monitor your data centre assets from any data centre, anywhere with ONEDC®

FastStart colocation - pay-as-you-go

FastStart allows you to kick-start your colocation service fast, on a month-to-month contract.

Designed to scale with you as your needs evolve, FastStart offers you the same Rack Ready colocation capabilities, without the minimum terms, to help get you established in one of our world-class facilities, fast.

FastStart is ideal for any business a data centre requirement, or simply for those wanting to trial the benefits of colocation with a trusted data centre provider, before making a full commitment.

What is included with FastStart?

FastStart is available at any of our nine data centres, nation-wide.

  • Start by choosing your rack size and power required: Quarter racks are 1kW to 2kW; Full racks are 2kW - 6kW
  • Add the services you need: AXON, Cross Connects, Remote Hands technical assistance and your IDAC's required
  • Select your service commencement date
  • Move in.


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