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With most organisations doing business across borders and international lines, business and chasing new opportunities knows no boundaries.

As your business, your infrastructure, people, and IT workloads continues to grow, ensuring they are seamlessly interconnected is critical, no matter the location.

NEXTDC's AXON Intercapital services deliver point to point Ethernet connectivity between any AXON enabled data centre locations Australia-wide. AXON Intercap facilitates seamless interactions between interstate AXON ports and services, including all major public cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle and Alibaba and local service providers. Intercap connections can be self-provisioned in increments from 50Mbps to 3Gbps. Capacity over 3Gbps can be ordered via your NEXTDC Account Manager.

A key advantage of the AXON Intercap service is path redundancy. Each service is managed by NEXTDC, where traffic is automatically routed over a standby path if the primary path is impacted.

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