Connecting you to the world

In the new digital age, being connected is crucial for your business.

NEXTDC offers you the choice and flexibility to select and connect to the services best suited to you.

Choose the way you want to connect

We offer a range of connectivity services so you can connect as, when and how you need - from structured cabling to physical and virtual connectivity.

The NEXTDC ecosystem

Our data centres are home to 300+ local and international partners.

Connect directly to the world's leading cloud platforms, the nation's carrier networks and systems integrators.

Secure, high speed cloud connections

AXONVX: NEXTDC's virtual connectivity platform

Connect to your cloud platforms via a single AXONVX port connection.

We put you in control via our easy access web portal or API, to order on demand, scalable and pay-as-you-go services within your organisation.

We can help you to optimise your hybrid cloud solution, improve your business agility and drive cost efficiencies back to your bottom line.


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