Innovative solutions that could transform your business

Solutions to suit your business transformation

NEXTDC can bundle services into different solutions to suit you. Carrier neutral and vendor independent, we approach your needs without bias.

We are highly experienced in catering to different requirements from SMBs to large government and enterprise organisations.

Talk to us today about what your business is looking for and see how we can help to plan, build, operate and optimise your digital solutions.

Small to medium business (SMBs)

We understand that you might need flexibility, not long term, lock in contracts with the ability to control your monthly expenses when things are tight and the agility to grow and respond quickly when things are going well.

Solutions tailored to you:

  • Off the shelf, rack ready solutions with the option to pay by the month with Fast start packages.
  • The ability to benefit from our national footprint but with 1 SLA
  • Onsite technical assistance so you don't need to even come into the data centre
  • Connect to AXON and assess multiple cloud providers, dialing up and down as you need.
  • Build your own hybrid cloud network with AXON.
  • ONEDC - Full visibility and control of all your data centre assets, located in any data centre.

Government and Enterprise organisations

We know that Government and Enterprise often have highly unique and specialised requirements.

Our engineers can work directly with you to design a solution that can cater to your requirements including custom design and specialist infrastructure.

Benefit from our national footprint and cloud and carrier networks so your preferred suppliers will always be easily accessible, meaning you can find the right providers for your projects at the right time.

Solutions that can help transform your business:

  • Custom colocation - need to customise your space? NEXTDC is happy to work with your unique requirements.
  • AXON - provision and manage your connections with speed and simplicity with the freedom to choose the right providers for each project
  • ONEDC - manage your entire data centre infrastructure, combine your internal and colocated environments all managed via a single console.

International enterprise looking to enter Australian market

Remotely procure space with us, use our smart hands technical assistance service and manage it all through ONEDC


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