Oracle FastConnect

Experience high speed Ethernet connectivity to Oracle Cloud via FastConnect

Connect to the Oracle Cloud FastConnect seamlessly with AXON

Unmatched Connectivity-2

Private connectivity

Bypass the public internet with secure, trusted endpoints
Clouds carriers and internet connects

Reliable network access

Use dedicated and pre-established paths to access the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Customised solutions-1

Hybrid solutions

Customise solutions with access to all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services

Secure Ethernet connectivity to Oracle Cloud services

Oracle FastConnect provides a network connectivity alternative to using the public internet for connecting with your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. NEXTDC's interconnection platform AXON, enables seamless and secure interconnection to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure along with all of your digital services in real-time. Providing the flexibility and bandwidth to scale your digital infrastructure and platforms required for your business's success.

Customers can now access secure Ethernet enterprise ready connectivity to the Oracle FastConnect cloud on-ramp through AXON - NEXTDC's Ethernet connectivity platform.

Connect via the AXON network from over 40 data centres nationwide through a community of carrier partners offering a dedicated pay-as-you-go circuit for increased network flexibility and cost control.

Secure Ethernet connectivity to Oracle Cloud services
Seamless connections with AXON
NEXTDC's secure connectivity to Oracle Cloud form part of a robust offering for seamless cloud interconnection.