Data Sovereignty and Security Risk Management

Protecting your digital infrastructure to the highest global standards

Remove complexity. Embed yourself within a sovereign ecosystem certified to the highest standards under the Commonwealth Government's Hosting Framework.

Certified physical security

Sleep soundly. Authorised personnel only.

Protected by six layers of security. From the perimeter, comprehensive electronic surveillance to biometric controls and self-managed electronic rack locking, so your critical infrastructure is protected.
Weve always got eyes on your infrastructure

We’ve always got eyes on your infrastructure

24x7 onsite security monitoring and security operations centre. Integrated surveillance and access management backed by proactive, round-the-clock, NEXTDC-employed security and customer service teams.
Fastest route to security and sovereignty compliance

Fastest route to security & sovereignty compliance

Removing certification and compliance auditing complexity. Upholding the highest levels of safety and protection across a comprehensive array of physical security standards so you don’t have to invest and manage internally.
100 Uptime

Meet government data hosting standards

Keeping Australian sovereign data in Australia. We are DTA Certified Strategic. Every NEXTDC facility is sovereign and secure to the highest level of certification under the Commonwealth Government's hosting framework.
Security central to digital strategy

Digital systems, infrastructure and the data they manage are mission critical when it comes to organisational success.

With 39% of organisations experiencing a data breach between 2019-2021, keeping up with security in our multi-cloud world is an evolving challenge. And the threat landscape is continuing to mature in terms of frequency and sophistication of attacks.

Today, our physical and cyber environments have merged, and creating a holistic approach to security risk management in the digital era requires strategic thinking and partnerships.

As pressure continues to rise around data protection, an enhanced security risk management posture is best achieved by partnering strategically with a trusted provider to take on the heavy lifting and get you to your ideal state, faster and safely.

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 NEXTDC security partners

NEXTDC security partners

NEXTDC has been built on the understanding that experience counts. We take great pride in delivering a phenomenal experience for our customers, every single time, no matter the interaction. In order to achieve this goal, we partner with suppliers who understand our business and our requirement to build well-structured, secure and protected data centres.

NEXTDC collaborates proactively with the world’s leading physical and electronic security systems developers to maintain the highest levels of compliance. These are trusted partners working with us every day to improve our security posture so that our customers’ critical infrastructure and data is always kept safe. From perimeter protection to physical access and electronic surveillance, we deliver a federated security model under an All Hazards Approach that enables a standardised customer experience across all facilities.

Integrated security management delivers defence-in-depth posture with optimised customer experience

For organisations today, security of digital infrastructure must be impenetrable to malicious intent, seamlessly accessible for authorised personnel and operated to the highest standards to avoid human error.

We collaborate with global leader in physical security management systems, Genetec, to achieve a unique, consistent and frictionless customer experience across our entire data centre fleet.

Security case study. Physical security standards are an escalating priority in enterprise and government hosting strategies

With hosting environments now classified as 'critical infrastructure' under Commonwealth Government legislation, all organisations are faced with heightened compliance obligations around the physical safety and security of their data centres.

NEXTDC partners strategically with world leaders in physical security products such as Gunnebo to implement an innovative defence-in-depth security posture.

Data centre interconnect-1

Integrated physical security end-to-end

From perimeter fencing to ballistic rated environments, and biometric entry, all zones are incorporated into the Electronic Security Management System, monitored in real time, with full audit and reporting capability.
Enhanced security measures

Security exactly how you need it

From a baseline of excellence, we also work with customers to build bespoke secure spaces that meet their unique industry or organisational standards.
Secure scalable connections

Managed access from anywhere anytime

Security controls around customers’ access is integrated with NEXTDC’s ONEDC infrastructure management portal for monitoring and reporting on individual environments.
Sales resources tools and guides

Security compliance embedded in SLA

Holistic security posture starts with processes and protections that meet global standards. Never worry again whether your physical environment is compliant.

Globally recognised standards and certifications

NEXTDC partner with security consultants from Security Consulting Group and others that are endorsed by the Australian Government Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC). This helps define our:

  • Design and construction of Physical Security Zones as defined in the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework and the ASIO Technical Notes
  • Design, commissioning and acceptance of Security Alarm Systems including Type 1A and AS2201 Class 5.

The approach is based on the understanding of data centre infrastructure and operating environments. It has been developed in conjunction with global best practice security risk management standards and frameworks.