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Let AXON, the advanced interconnectivity platform from NEXTDC, help you achieve optimal performance, security, and flexibility. With AXON, organisations can achieve seamless and secure connections across locations, with point-to-point Ethernet connectivity between AXON-enabled data centres and cloud onramp locations. AXON virtual connections unite organisations, networks, and cloud providers, enabling direct access to leading private and public clouds, along with more than 750+ of the country's leading networks and ICT service providers that operate within our network-rich partner ecosystem.

AXON's high-performance virtual connections provide fast, secure, and dynamic access to multiple ICT services Australia-wide via Intercap. And because your AXON connections are private, they never touch the public internet, which results in greater control and reliability of the critical infrastructure that powers your organisation, low latency, and enhanced security for your data. Unlock the full potential of your digital strategy and elevate your competitive edge with AXON from NEXTDC.

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Low latency connectivity to all major Hyperscaler providers including AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, IBM and more.

Customised solutions

Customised solutions

Secure, cost-effective business connectivity solutions.

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Secure, scalable connections

Dedicated, secure private connections scalable at the click of a button.

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High bandwidth, low latency and jitter connections with no traffic charges for unlimited throughput.

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