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NEXTDC is the countries most trusted and highly interconnected platform of premium colocation data centres. Housing the countries largest and most active ecosystem of >640 clouds and IT networks.

We're passionate about pioneering data centre colocation solutions for the digital age. Our nine facilities located across Australia house and connect all your mission critical infrastructure and IT services, with the power to support your high-performance computing and virtualised environments, while delivering your business 100% uptime guaranteed.

Our data centres are designed to achieve a minimum Uptime Institute Tier III standard and we are Australia's only data centre colocation provider to build a network of Tier IV certified, completely fault tolerant data centres. Located in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney our second generation facilities are engineered and constructed to the highest global standards setting a new benchmark for the Australian data centre industry.

Working towards a more sustainable future is crucially important and we take every measure to ensure our data centres are engineered and run to the highest possible standards. Every NEXTDC data centre has been designed and constructed to showcase a level of energy and resource efficiency never seen in Australia before. Our national footprint of premium facilities run at the lowest Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in the country, with M1 Melbourne and S1 Sydney facilities becoming the first colocation data centres in Australia to receive a 5-Star NABERS rating.


Discover the benefits of colocating in a NEXTDC data centre

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Our business is purpose-built to scale with our customers. Our modular and adaptable solutions enable our customers to grow easily.

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Cloud Ready

As Australia’s most directly connected, cloud enabled data centre network, we offer our customers greater choice at the lowest latency to support their Hybrid Cloud objectives.

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100% Uptime

Our Uptime certified Tier IV and Tier III world-class data centres delivers our customers superior service excellence, without disruption.

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Our data centres are designed to deliver a seamless defence in depth experience. Built to adhere to the highest global security standards that enable frictionless onsite access 24/7.

24/7 world-class security

Security plays an important role at NEXTDC. It impacts our customers business, and underpins how they enhance their own operations. Just as our data centres are built to support the needs of our customers business, our processes and operational procedures closely follow suit.

Our customers come to NEXTDC for a frictionless and a secure experience, from physical access to the facility through to electronic security.

Every NEXTDC facility is monitored and secured via our elite security operations centres, which are manned 24/7/365.

Comprising the highest security standards globally, our facilities are purpose built to ensure they facilitate a frictionless yet offer the safest and most secure experience possible.

Each location is monitored by hundreds of CCTV high resolution mode cameras which envelope our facilities, inside and out. All ensuring that complete security is maintained at all times, whilst ensuring customers are serviced and supported via one seamless federated platform.

Access to every NEXTDC facility is secured by biometric fingerprint readers and anti-clone swipe card authentication, with all guests to our facilities requiring ‘bio-enrollment’ in order to gain access. In every location, we use Gunnebo bullet-resistant security portals which ensure the ongoing protection of access to the secure areas of the data centre. The Gunnebo’s prevent tailgating and pass-back, and they detect excess weight that enter them, such as multiple people or equipment. This ensures the seamless and safe pass through of guests.

Unique to NEXTDC, we offer the safety and convenience of completely keyless entry. Racks are individually secured by our customised TZ rack-locking system, which are managed and monitored by customers through their ONEDC customer portal. Access rights are completely customisable, with customers having complete flexibility to lock down access from user level through to contractors and workgroups.

Choosing a data centre solution that's right for you

When it comes to colocating your IT infrastructure, choosing the right data centre solution is an important decision to get right. There are an increasing number of options to choose from, but not all options are created equal. When data centres aren’t your core business, it can be a mine field of information. So how do you find the right information to make a decision that’s right for you?

When it comes to selecting a colocation solution that’s right for your business, comparing apples with apples is crucial. Solutions vary by data centre provider, and although they may appear the same, they often aren’t.

We have included some key considerations to help you weigh up your options and make an informed decision that's best suited to you;

kVA is not kW – Some solutions are sold as kVa and others kW. Comparing kilovolt-ampere (kVA) with kilowatts (kW) are not comparable. Make sure you ask the question, because the difference matters. kW is the globally standardised unit measurement for real power while kVA is a unit measurement of apparent power that can be as low as 0.8 of a kW.

EXAMPLE: When we provide you a 2kW rack, you get 2kW of actual power to that rack. When a competitor sells you a 2kVA rack, that doesn’t equate to 2kW of power, it’s ~1.6 kW. Always ask because the difference matters.

Only pay for power that you use – At NEXTDC, 100% of your contracted power is available. However some data centres will automatically upgrade you to the next level of billable power when you hit 80% usage. So your 2kVA (~1.6kW) needs to be upgraded once you’ve used 1.6kVA (~1.28kW). When evaluating your requirements vs what you receive, this is a level of detail worth knowing up front. 2Kw Vs 1.28kVa?

Additionally, we don’t force power upgrades. If your power usage is consistently over-subscribed, our objective is to work with you to establish the right step forward. To ensure you are always aware of your power usage, we enable you to monitor your usage in real time in our ONEDC data centre management portal which is provided free of charge with every NEXTDC solution.

What is the uptime guarantee in your SLA? – Can your business afford to be unavailable to your customers even 1% of the time? It’s important you understand your service guarantee when your brand and revenue stream is at risk. NEXTDC offers an industry leading 100% uptime guarantee for power, security and connectivity to your rack. Our facilities are built and independently certified as being the only data centres in the market to guarantee that level of resiliency, making NEXTDC the best positioned provider in the market to deliver your business a 100% service guarantee.

Is your data centre solution independently assessed and certified? – Many claim to be best-in-class, but how do you know if this has been validated? The truth is that there is only one globally recognised company that independently assesses and certifies data centres to the highest global standards, and that is Uptime Institute. As the Trademark owner for Tier certification, with a 25-year history as the global leader in third-party verification of data centre quality, Uptime are the pinnacle of data centre standards. In order to deliver a 100% SLA, our facilities must be built to the highest quality, as such we invest in adhering the highest standards globally. We have built Australia’s only Uptime Tier IV certified data centre network, and thereby verified as being fully fault-tolerant and able to withstand all individual equipment failures or distribution path interruptions. If your data centre isn’t Uptime Institute certified, it isn’t best-in-class. If your data centre partner can’t demonstrate who independently assessed and certified the quality of their data centres, they likely aren’t built to world-class standards.

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Take space in any of our locations under one national contract and enjoy one consistent Service Level Agreement.

Move straight into our state of the art facilities with our rack-ready solutions or tailor a space to suit your business needs. Our data centre relocation and project management services can help you migrate with ease.

Once you’re in, enjoy access to our Data Centre Infrastructure Management software, ONEDC, which provides real-time data centre intelligence, 24/7 anytime, anywhere.

NEXTDC facility features

We dedicate ourselves to delivering you the highest quality project and services in the market. Our data centres are designed to make it easy to move-in, operate and conduct business.

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