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5 (soon to be 8) data centres. 1 SLA

NEXTDC data centres

We are Australia’s leading independent data centre operator, growing to 8 data centres in 5 cities with 103+ MW.

You can leverage our national customer base to build your ecosystem. Connect directly to your business partners, associates, suppliers and stakeholders across Australia.

All our data centres are minimum Tier III standard and guarantee 100% Uptime. They're engineered for superior reliability, security, performance and energy efficiency.

Take space in any of our locations under one national contract and enjoy a consistent service level agreement.

Keep your data onshore - colocating with us means your private data remains under Australian jurisdiction.

Services we offer:

Learn more about our 5, soon to be 8, data centres:

We are prepared to go the extra mile.

Enjoy NEXTDC's outstanding customer service.

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