Data centre private suite​

Flexible and bespoke solutions

Looking for a flexible and secure solution to support your data infrastructure?​

Data center suites at NEXTDC are a smart choice for any organisation looking to streamline their data infrastructure. Private suites offer the privacy and security of a dedicated data centre environment without the financial and operational burden of owning one.
Suites can be configured entirely to your specifications, allowing customisation for specific power, space, and security requirements.
Suites are
equipped with world-class power, cooling, security and fire protection systems configured for redundancy to support your organisations growth.


Advantages of data centre suites

Enhanced security measures

Enhanced security​

Control security access

Increased privacy​

Customisation to meeting specific needs

Customisable space​

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Some frequently asked questions

What is a colocation suite, and how is it different from a regular colocation service? ​

A colocation suite is a dedicated, enclosed space within a data centre that provides extra privacy, control, and customisation options. This differs from standard colocation space which is in a shared data hall with other customers. 

How do I choose the right colocation suite for my business? ​

Selecting the right colocation suite is less about the suite and more about the overall Data Centre it resides within.
Is the operator certified to the highest standards?
Can the facility meet your power and cooling needs?
Is the facility energy efficient with carbon neutral options?
Are there diverse high bandwidth and low latency connectivity options?
Does the provider offer a level of customer support that will meet your needs?
These and many other similar questions should be front of mind when considering your data centre partner.

What kind of infrastructure can I colocate in a colocation suite?​

With a private suite, you have a wide range of supported infrastructure. Anything from a traditional rack to open frames to legacy mainframes and tape libraries can all be supported. If you have bespoke cooling requirements such as liquid or immersion cooling these too can be supported. 

What kind of support and maintenance is provided for colocation suites?​

Although the suite is dedicated to your organisation, you can rest assured that the maintenance of the supporting data centre infrastructure is performed to the highest standard and monitored 24 x 7 x 365.
Support is also available to help your team succeed on a 24 x 7 basis with remote hands capability able to ease the operational activities allowing you to focus on your core business.

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