Safe, Secure and Responsible Asset Disposal

We keep your sensitive data protected at end-of-life disposal

Secure your sensitive data with the NEXTDC E-waste Disposal Service

NEXTDC offers a comprehensive IT asset disposition program that ensures secure and responsible disposal of your E-waste. From pre-assessment to data destruction, logistics, E-waste recycling, and reporting, we prioritise environmental responsibility, data security, and brand protection. Our program complies with international security and environmental standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001. Free eWaste disposal bins are available at every facility. 

Simplify Your IT Asset Disposal with NEXTDC

Say goodbye to the hassle and worry of decommissioning your IT equipment. Our team of experts will help you with de-installing, removing and disposing of your IT equipment and E-waste, freeing up valuable space in your office or data centre. We also provide a comprehensive audit and compliance report for your records. 

Get in touch; our Asset Disposal service is only available to NEXTDC customers.

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Are you looking for a secure and ethical e-Waste management solution?

Asset disposal and decommission of your most important assets done right: 

  • Our barcode scanning and recording ensure accuracy and efficiency in decommissioning your assets and equipment
  • Experience peace of mind that comes with our secure process and complete tracking of your IT assets, ensuring a secure chain of custody.
  • Your sensitive data is in good hands with our certified destruction services 
  • Our commitment to ethical and sustainable recycling aligned to your values
  • Get detailed asset verification reporting and a certificate of destruction to validate the secure disposal of your IT assets 
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Why choose NEXTDC for E-waste disposal? 

At NEXTDC, we prioritise security, sustainability and brand protection in our E-waste disposal services. We guarantee a certificate of destruction for every batch of E-waste processed, maximum reuse of electronics, compliance with international standards, and a commitment to environmental responsibility and ethical practices. 

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use NEXTDC for E-waste disposal?

NEXTDC offers a secure and environmentally responsible IT asset disposition program that prioritises data security, brand protection, and sustainability. We also offer a certificate of destruction for each batch of E-waste processed and comply with international standards. 

How does NEXTDC ensure data security during E-waste disposal?

NEXTDC implements secure data destruction methods to ensure that all outdated data and IT assets are disposed of in a way that complies with international security standards. 

How does NEXTDC prioritise environmental sustainability in E-waste disposal?

NEXTDC follows international environmental standards, including ISO 14001, and prioritises maximum reuse of electronics and minimal waste in our E-waste disposal process. 

Does NEXTDC offer a certificate of destruction for E-waste?

Yes, NEXTDC provides a certificate of destruction for each batch of E-waste processed, ensuring transparency and accountability in our IT asset disposition program.