NEXTDC NT Colocation Data Centres: Why Choose Darwin?

Jul 7, 2024


NEXTDC NT Colocation Data Centres: Why Choose Darwin?

Experience the Full Potential of NEXTDC's Darwin Data Centre

NEXTDC’s premier data centre in the Northern Territory, situated in Darwin, marks a significant advancement for the region. It stands as the first facility of its kind to ensure 100% uptime while offering rapid, secure, and adaptable access to major cloud platforms. In collaboration with Vocus and the Northern Territory Government, NEXTDC is dedicated to fostering economic growth and enhancing technological capabilities in the area. Darwin’s data centre is expected to officially launch in August 2024, setting a new benchmark for digital infrastructure in the region.

Strategic Advantages of Darwin

Darwin's role as “the digital gateway” to Australia’s defence and space sectors, and its proximity to Asia, positions it strategically for data centre operations. The city has already cultivated a digital ecosystem with crucial components such as renewable energy and extensive international and national network connectivity.

Key Points:

  • Defence and Security Hub: Darwin is the northern command centre for Australian defence and coastal border forces, also accommodating significant US Defence Force technical and aerial assets.
  • Expanding Space Industry: Darwin's space sector is rapidly growing, with global entities like NASA establishing a presence.
  • Diverse Economy: Darwin bolsters a diverse economy with significant contributions from mining, agriculture, and tourism industries.

NEXTDC's Darwin Data Centre: A Strategic Investment

The development of Darwin’s data centre follows the recent announcement of the Darwin-Jakarta-Singapore Cable (DJSC) and the expansion of the Terabit Territory, the Northern Territory Government’s planned subsea fibre links to Southeast Asia and the United States. This enhances Darwin’s status as Australia’s Digital Territory and gateway to Asia.

Key Infrastructure Highlights:

  • Darwin-Jakarta-Singapore Cable (DJSC): Strengthens connectivity to Southeast Asia.
  • Terabit Territory Network: A secure, high-speed network that fortifies Darwin’s digital infrastructure.

Driving Economic Development

NEXTDC’s Darwin data centre is poised to propel economic development by boosting the region’s technological prowess. With advanced infrastructure, the centre ensures rapid, secure, and reliable access to major cloud platforms, facilitating digital transformation across various sectors.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% Uptime: Guarantees uninterrupted operations and minimises downtime risks.
  • Rapid and Secure Access: Offers secure and flexible connections to major cloud platforms.
  • Economic Impact: Enhances the local economy by boosting technological capabilities and attracting global investment.

Empowering Your Business with NEXTDC

NEXTDC’s Northern Territory data centre is committed to providing advanced infrastructure, ensuring that your organisation remains at the forefront of technological innovation. With state-of-the-art capabilities, robust ecosystems, and dedicated workspaces for mission-critical operations, our facilities are designed to empower your business by fostering technological innovation and enhancing operational resilience.

Key Benefits:

  1. Uninterrupted Uptime: Ensures continuous operations and reduces downtime risks with a 100% uptime guarantee.
  2. Ecosystem Access: Utilises a thriving, interconnected ecosystem of clouds, carriers, and digital services.
  3. Future Technological Advancements: Prepares organisations for the digital age with advanced infrastructure and AI capabilities.


NEXTDC’s Darwin Data Centre represents a pivotal investment in the future of the Northern Territory’s economy. By addressing critical risks associated with outdated data centres and providing a robust, future-ready infrastructure, it ensures that organisations can maintain continuity and drive growth. Establishing a data centre presence in Darwin not only mitigates risks but also positions organisations to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. With its strategic benefits, the NEXTDC Darwin Data Centre is set to be a cornerstone of technological excellence and economic growth in the region. The data centre is expected to officially launch in August 2024, heralding a new era of digital infrastructure for the Northern Territory.

For the fourth consecutive year, NEXTDC has been awarded the prestigious title of Australian Data Centre Services Company of the Year (2021-2024) by global business research and analyst company, Frost & Sullivan.

Get in touch to book a tour or find out more about our state-of-the-art facilities. Experience the future of data centre infrastructure and see firsthand how we are helping and supporting organisations' AI and digital transformation strategies. Contact us to learn more about our Darwin Data Centre and to discover “What’s NEXT” for Northern Territory digital infrastructure.


Why Choose NEXTDC for Your Data Centre Needs?

Dynamic Partner Ecosystem:  

Leverage Australia's most extensive partner ecosystem with a community of 750+ partners to enable more connections with carriers, cloud providers, and IT service providers. 

Hybrid Cloud Experience: 

Empowering customers to leverage cloud first strategies and optimise multi-cloud deployments to scale mission critical IT infrastructure. 

AI, High-Performance Computing and Edge Design:  

NEXTDC is at the forefront of supporting Edge computing and High-Performance Compute (HPC) requirements, providing customised solutions to accelerate your AI journey.  

100% Uptime:  

The only data centre operator in the southern hemisphere with Tier IV Gold certification for Operational Sustainability, NEXTDC guarantees zero downtime for reliability and performance. 

Data Centre Interconnectivity:  

Secure, private, and direct access to Australia’s most connected range of global cloud providers, integrated with a nationwide network of data centre facilities. 

World Class Design and Operations: 

Internationally recognised for designing, constructing, and operating Australia’s market leading Tier IV facilities, certified by globally renowned Uptime Institute. 

Sustainability Driven:  

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, NEXTDC prioritizes renewable energy sources, achieving leading standards such as 5-star NABERS energy efficiency ratings and TRUE certification. 

DTA Certification for Government Agencies:  

NEXTDC is certified by Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), to ensure compliant and sovereign critical infrastructure choice for government at all levels. 

Industry Recognition:  

NEXTDC, a listed company on the ASX 100, stands out with industry peer awards as the region's most innovative and customer focused data centre provider. 

Carbon Neutral Operations:  

NEXTDC's corporate operations are certified carbon neutral under the Australian Government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard. 

Efficiency and Cost Management:  

Engineered for outstanding energy efficiency, NEXTDC data centres deliver industry-leading benchmarks for minimising operational cost and total cost of ownership.

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