A data centre strategy to empower business

Jan 30, 2018



For business in the digital age, building the right IT strategy from an onslaught of competing services is a crucial competitive advantage.

Scalable connectivity to an ecosystem of in-house partners, service providers and carriers, is now enabling IT leaders to implement data centre strategies that contains capital expenditure yet empowers business with expert, independent advice and integration with the partner sales process.

Steve Martin, NEXTDC’s General Manager of Channels, says that providing access to NEXTDC's more than 350 partners is as important a consideration as ensuring that the design and build of each data centre provides the optimal physical, technical and operational environment for clients’ IT infrastructure.


A market-leading offering

“In terms of providing access to Australian–based partners, service providers, and carriers, NEXTDC leads the market. Continuing to develop and grow this ecosystem is essential to our strategy for offering cloud-era data centres.”

Offering secure on ramps to major public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud Platform, puts the cloud just a cross-connect away, as well as Software, Backup or Data Recovery as-a-Service.

Fast and secure, at lower cost and with low latency

“Typically, the organisations that are better served by this ecosystem are the more progressive ones; those looking to be on the leading edge of service delivery. The ecosystem gives them speed and agility; it saves them the time and the cost of building such IT infrastructure themselves — especially if IT is not their core business; and it allows them to pick best-of-breed solutions that will drive their business value and unique differentiators.”

In addition to the potential business benefits of each available service, direct access to vendors and providers within a colocated environment delivers many other advantages, including:

  • Reduced communication costs
  • Enhanced security
  • Fast, reliable, low latency data transmission.


‘Plug-and-play’ cross-city connectivity

As NEXTDC launches its new wave of second-generation data centres in existing markets, clients will be able to immediately and seamlessly connect to the digital ecosystem already established within that facility’s first-generation counterpart.

“Where we have two physical data centres in the one city, as we do currently in Brisbane and Melbourne, each pair will operate as one virtual facility, linked by NEXTDC’s Data Centre Interconnection service (DCI). This means that if you’re in Brisbane, for example, you can connect to any of the services or partners in B1 or B2, as if they were down the corridor in the same data hall you’re in. Likewise, using NEXTDC’s AXON connectivity platform, you can connect to partners and services in other cities.”


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