NABERS: Unlocking Green Excellence in Data Centres

Feb 20, 2024


Unveiling NABERS: The Green Future of Data Centres

What is NABERS?

As the global demand for digital services surges, data centres—crucial for the internet's operation—persistently consume substantial energy. Recognising the imperative for sustainability in this sector, the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS), established in 1988, introduced a specialised rating system for data centres in 2013. By evaluating the energy efficiency of data centres and assigning sustainability ratings, NABERS aims to curtail energy consumption, decrease costs, and advance environmental practices in the industry.

Government's Eco-Strides

In the pursuit of a net-zero future, the Australian federal government has set ambitious targets for its data centres, demanding a minimum five-star NABERS Energy rating by mid-2025. This move is part of the broader Australian Public Service (APS) net-zero emmissions by 2030 initiative, emphasizing a commitment to environmental sustainability. NABERS for Data Centres emerges as a key player in achieving these goals, focusing on energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pave the way for a cleaner, greener future.

DTA's Sustainability Leap

In May 2023, the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) takes a monumental step with a new Data Centre Panel. A five-star NABERS Energy rating is now a prerequisite, emphasising DTA's dedication to environmental responsibility.

NABERS for Data Centres

NABERS for Data Centres plays a pivotal role in evaluating the environmental performance of data centers, focusing on three essential categories:

  1. Infrastructure: Rates the energy efficiency of data center equipment, covering cooling systems, power supplies, and other supporting infrastructure.

  2. IT Equipment: Measures the energy consumption of servers, storage devices, network equipment, and various IT assets.

  3. Whole Facility: Assesses the overall energy performance, taking into account both infrastructure and IT equipment.

Data centres are awarded a rating from one to six stars, with six stars denoting market-leading performance. Conducted annually, NABERS assessments provide valuable insights for ongoing enhancements.

NABERS Star Rating criteria

Source: Image sourced from NABERS

Key Pillars of NABERS Impact

1. Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

NABERS for Data Centres spotlights energy efficiency, enabling substantial cost savings. Practices optimizing infrastructure, cooling systems, and server utilization make environmentally responsible investments compelling.

2. Environmental Sustainability

NABERS certification signifies a data centre's tangible commitment to environmental sustainability. Active energy management minimizes carbon footprints, positioning data centres as crucial players in global climate change efforts.

3. Industry Recognition and Differentiation

High NABERS ratings offer data centres industry recognition, setting them apart. This distinction attracts environmentally conscious clients seeking sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

4. Customer and Investor Acquisition

Beyond symbolism, NABERS certification adds tangible value for data centres. Evidence from certification becomes a critical element in due diligence, appealing to businesses aligning with environmental values.

5. Benchmarking and Continuous Optimisation

NABERS provides a standardized benchmark, fostering continuous optimization. Data centre operators can compare efficiency and environmental performance against industry peers, driving innovation.

6. Regulatory Compliance

As governments worldwide tighten regulations on energy efficiency and carbon reduction, NABERS certification positions data centres favorably in this evolving landscape. It showcases a proactive approach to environmental management, ensuring compliance with environmental standards and supporting a sustainable transition.

The DTA's forward-looking approach is further evident in the establishment of a new green minimum for all government servicing data centres. This mandate ensures that the minimum five-star NABERS Energy rating is widely applied, aligning with the broader goals of the APS net-zero emissions by 2030 initiative.

Unlocking Sustainability Excellence with NABERS for Data Centres

In summary, embracing NABERS for Data Centres emerges as a pivotal strategy in the pursuit of a greener digital infrastructure. This certification equips organisations with the knowledge and tools necessary to significantly reduce energy consumption, playing a vital role in constructing a more sustainable future for the digital world.

NEXTDC Pioneering Sustainability

Australia's leading data centre provider, NEXTDC, sets a new standard with a 5-star NABERS Energy rating for its Sydney (S1) and Melbourne (M1) facilities. The first to attain TRUE certification for S1, NEXTDC's commitment to sustainability is crucial in an industry accounting for 3% of global electricity demand and 2% of carbon emissions.

Why Choose NEXTDC for Your Data Centre Needs?

Dynamic Partner Ecosystem:  

Leverage Australia's most extensive partner ecosystem with a community of 750+ partners to enable more connections with carriers, cloud providers, and IT service providers. 

Hybrid Cloud Experience: 

Empowering customers to leverage cloud first strategies and optimise multi-cloud deployments to scale mission critical IT infrastructure. 

AI, High-Performance Computing and Edge Design:  

NEXTDC is at the forefront of supporting Edge computing and High-Performance Compute (HPC) requirements, providing customised solutions to accelerate your AI journey.  

100% Uptime:  

The only data centre operator in the southern hemisphere with Tier IV Gold certification for Operational Sustainability, NEXTDC guarantees zero downtime for reliability and performance. 

Data Centre Interconnectivity:  

Secure, private, and direct access to Australia’s most connected range of global cloud providers, integrated with a nationwide network of data centre facilities. 

World Class Design and Operations: 

Internationally recognised for designing, constructing, and operating Australia’s market leading Tier IV facilities, certified by globally renowned Uptime Institute. 

Sustainability Driven:  

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, NEXTDC prioritizes renewable energy sources, achieving leading standards such as 5-star NABERS energy efficiency ratings and TRUE certification. 

DTA Certification for Government Agencies:  

NEXTDC is certified by Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), to ensure compliant and sovereign critical infrastructure choice for government at all levels. 

Industry Recognition:  

NEXTDC, a listed company on the ASX 100, stands out with industry peer awards as the region's most innovative and customer focused data centre provider. 

Carbon Neutral Operations:  

NEXTDC's corporate operations are certified carbon neutral under the Australian Government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard. 

Efficiency and Cost Management:  

Engineered for outstanding energy efficiency, NEXTDC data centres deliver industry-leading benchmarks for minimising operational cost and total cost of ownership. 

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