Taking Fixed Wireless to the Summit

May 10, 2020



Written by: David Dzienciol, Chief Customer and Commerical Officer

The need to rapidly respond to change and evolve in step with the shifting needs of customers is an evergreen strategy for every business. In the digital era, the imperative to transform is reinforced more dramatically with every year that passes. Disruption is everywhere and in today’s highly competitive world, if you snooze, you lose.

NEXTDC partner, Summit Internet has built a successful business over many years by servicing customers’ need to keep pace with consistent technology change. Throughout it all, the one constant for Summit has been standing firmly behind a passion for focusing on what they do best and collaborating widely with industry peers that share the same vision.

Leveraging technology as a business enabler

As customer needs evolve, Summit continues to reinvent itself as a key partner and enabler of technology dedicated to providing trusted support and outstanding customer experiences. It has achieved this through multiple generations of technology.

For over 20 years Summit has rolled with industry trends, adding capabilities and competencies, refocusing often to address the most urgent needs of customers. It started with IT support in technology’s rapid adoption phase, progressed to web design and hosting as the world embraced e-commerce and now focuses on hybrid cloud connectivity as the volume of data being gathered, stored and analysed explodes.

Today, that drive to be remarkable in a competitive landscape manifests in flexible, resilient and affordable fixed wireless services, particularly where fibre networks are either incapable of reaching or too expensive to provision.

Enterprise-ready fixed wireless, at your service

Summit rapidly deploys standardised, private fixed wireless connectivity from an extensive grid of transmission points accessed via its managed, national fibre network which has proven to be the perfect supplement to shortcomings of the NBN.

Summit’s fixed wireless service delivers business grade, dedicated connectivity that’s provisioned to easily cope with high volumes of voice and data traffic organisations now generate, something that has accelerated under current trends towards remote working.

Summit’s wireless network now covers over 4.5 thousand square kilometres of Melbourne and surrounds while at the back end it hosts a voice and data platform including a distributed network of SIP trunks that allow traditional PBX systems to work over IP networks.

The advantages of a connected ecosystem

The innovation and intelligently managed connectivity that underpins Summit’s network is what enables a clear differentiation in the markets being served. The network revolves around aggregating a range of carrier services, picking the best of breed, point-to-point connectivity options to ensure that customers can get voice and data from anywhere in Australia to anywhere it needs to go in the world.

To achieve this, it has set up points-of-presence (PoPs) in colocation facilities across the nation, largely NEXTDC data centres including B2, M1, P1 and S1. By embedding itself in these connected ecosystems, Summit is one cross-connect away from a range of carrier, IT and cloud services which it then orchestrates into a comprehensive, managed connectivity platform that can be efficiently configured to exact customer requirements.

Recent imperatives for many organisations to shift to remote working arrangements, provide a perfect testimonial to the type of flexibility that Summit has designed into its solutions. Within days of social distancing laws being enforced, it was able to leverage excess bandwidth in its DC-driven network to upgrade customers to 200Mbps or 500 Mbps services almost at the flick of a switch. Summit’s customers didn’t miss a beat and business continued as usual despite the decentralised workforce.

House to the home

It’s not all work and no play for Summit though and a recent deployment was fast-tracked to help bring a sense of normality back to people in isolation.

John Corse, a well-known Melbourne DJ is a long-term friend of the Summit’s founder and CEO Greg Lipschitz. With bars and clubs unable to open under the current restrictions, Corse turned is his focus online, dedicated to bringing entertainment to the masses at a time when it’s needed most.

Every Saturday, Corse has devoted himself to delivering the type of sets that fill venues in the local club scene, to his virtual audience of tens of thousands via a range of streaming platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitch TV.

Corse’s social platforms were flooded with subscribers, placing his public internet service under strain - queue Summit Internet - who jumped to the rescue, delivering a commercial grade fixed wireless solution so Corse could continue upping the ante with the growing weekly audience.

Due to Summit’s flexible, data centre-based ecosystem, they provisioned a dedicated 100Mbps service within 24 hours. As a result, one of Melbourne’s most popular DJs is livening up Saturday nights for people all over the world via multiple channels with guaranteed high definition video and audio quality.

Summit chooses NEXTDC as its preferred infrastructure partner because we share the same values of putting the customer first and the pursuit of excellence. By never having to worry about power, security and connectivity, all critical components of its service delivery matrix, it can instead focus on innovation and delivering outstanding customer experiences through technology and support excellence.

Talk to a NEXTDC expert about how to connect with specialists and build resilience into your technology strategy so that you too respond quickly to a world that is constantly changing.


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