Three new data centres to meet Australia’s exploding demand

Apr 17, 2018


Our data centre family is getting a whole lot bigger with three new commercial sites planned across Australia. These sites will go toward developing our next generation of data centres in Sydney (S3) and Melbourne (M3), as well as the development for our second-generation Perth (P2) facility.

With several large customer opportunities on the horizon these upcoming projects will help meet the long-term demand of our premium services and mitigate the risk of reaching capacity, allowing us to respond quickly to the growing need for data centres in the enterprise world.

Ready for the future

Continuing our commitment to maximising uptime while minimising energy consumption, the data centres will all feature Tier IV design and will target a level of energy efficiency that has never been achieved in Australia before. They’ll also connect seamlessly to the existing NEXTDC data centres in each city, ensuring our existing clients can reap the benefits.

The S3 and M3 facilities, expected to be located 5km outside the CBD and in Port Melbourne respectively, will both offer 80MW of total IT capacity. While P2 in East Perth will offer 20MW of total planned IT capacity. It’s expected that in phase 1 of practical completion, which is scheduled for the first half of 2020, it will have over 1MW of capacity.

"We are incredibly excited by the breadth and depth of these new investments that will further support the exponential growth of the digital economy in Australia. Over time these new infrastructure developments are expected to be the largest of their kind in Australia. These important strategic investments will extend our world class operation of Tier IV data centres across the Australian landscape.” Craig Scroggie, Chief Executive Officer for NEXTDC.

Raising the capital

Funding for these projects will come from a fully underwritten $281 million institutional placement and a non-underwritten Share Purchase Plan (SPP). NEXTDC Directors have committed to taking up their full entitlement under the new SPP.

This venture not only gives us the opportunity to create new facilities, it gives NEXTDC the tools to act accordingly and with precision over the longer term. With the business climate rapidly changing, the need for enterprise to store and curate its data is greater than ever, so we need to be ready.

This opens a new chapter for NEXTDC and allows us to further develop facilities that push the boundaries of what is possible for our data centres. The purchase of these sites is only the beginning.

Read the full ASX release or view the full presentation here.

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