NEXTDC's Values

Our company values define the behaviour and skills that we expect from all employees. Every one of our team members 'live' the values every single day, striving to ensure all of our actions align with the behaviours which our values embody.

Our goal as a company is to have every one of our people living every one of our values, every single day.

We encourage our employees to share the stories where others live our values and we empower staff to call it out when they see behaviours that are inconsistent with our values.

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Explore Our Values

If in doubt, we refer to our values to make the right decision.

It means that we will recognise, reward, hire and promote based on our 6 values: Straight Talk, Customer First, Frugal not Cheap, The Pursuit of Excellence, Bright Ideas and One Team.

Every one of us is responsible for ensuring we live the values and holding our team mates accountable. Our values mean we know what is expected of us every day, collectively we know what we stand for and what we are striving to achieve.

  • You care intensely about what’s important to the customer – quality, time and value
  • You take personal responsibility for delivering exceptional, world-class customer experiences
  • You team with others to do whatever it takes to be extraordinary in every customer interaction
  • You proactively seek, share and action feedback on customer experience
  • You constantly search for new ways to improve our customer systems and processes
  • You care intensely about NEXTDC’s success and have a can-do, must-do attitude
  • You support, respect and inspire others and ‘That’s not my job’ is not in your vocabulary
  • You are an ‘A’ player that thrives on working with other ‘A’ players
  • You ask for help when you need it and share information openly and fearlessly to help others succeed
  • You hold yourself and your team mates accountable for making the exceptional happen
  • You reimagine everything to find amazing solutions to industry challenges and problems
  • You know that if you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried anything new
  • Like scientists test hypotheses you find a problem’s root cause with the ‘five whys’
  • You search for opportunities to create exponential growth – 10 times faster, better
  • You believe invention is the path to breakthrough ideas
  • You inspire others and are passionately focussed on delivering extraordinary results
  • You consistently exceed the expectations of our customers, partners and stakeholders
  • You are responsible and accountable for your actions and decisions
  • You take personal responsibility for constantly improving and building your skills
  • You protect our people and customers by putting safety first
  • You’re a straight talker, addressing and resolving issues head-on with empathy and respect
  • You say what you think even if it is controversial and speak out against passive-aggressive behaviour
  • You practise the art of mindful listening and accept feedback so you can better understand others
  • You think strategically, and can articulate what we are, and are not, trying to do
  • You understand that effective communication is your personal responsibility
  • You treat the company’s money like it’s your own and invest in the things that matter to customers
  • You are focussed on getting the very best value for money
  • You continually look for ‘one percent’ efficiency gains to drive continuous improvement
  • You search for better ways to work so we can invest in and develop our people
  • You share cost saving and efficiency stories so we can all learn from your success


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