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Feb 19, 2020



By Michael Johnson - NEXTDC Victorian Sales Manager

There are three major factors that contribute to our decision-making criteria when we are looking to engage a new provider of any kind of service.

  1. We want the transaction to be pain-free. Just make it easy to do business and be there to support us when help is needed.

  2. We want a solution that addresses the thing(s) we need, not an overbaked solution that doesn’t align with the core needs and bolts on ‘bells and whistles’ we’re likely never to use.

  3. And, as circumstances can and do change very quickly in the 21st century, we need flexibility to reset direction mid-flight – to turn the wick up or down – and not pay a penalty for doing so – or worse still, not have the ability to flex our purchasing arrangement at all.

These are the motivations that have driven the success of Melbourne-based Service Provider, VentraIP Australia.

Differentiate or be disrupted

When it comes to maturing niches within IT, there are few that have moved as quickly in recent years as domain hosting which is now a $2 billion industry in Australia. As the vertical grows, disruption through innovation is matched by the scramble to leverage differentiation over competitors.

In a highly congested and competitive market, NEXTDC customer, VentraIP Australia has continued to attract new business and slow the rate of customer churn by innovating at the front end, stabilising its platform with a bullet-proof business continuity plan and ramping up the quality of support it provides to customers when they need it. Its sustained growth in the face of consolidating, price-cutting and aggressively marketed competitors indicates that they’re doing something right.

VentraIP Australia’s target market includes the likes of budding entrepreneurs bringing their ideas to life. Whatever their goals, VentraIP Australia works hard at smoothing out the journey taken by every customer who wants to get online, make their business visible and help them connect to their end consumer. And, once they get there, their role is to maintain responsiveness, empower the customer to manage their site seamlessly and ensure the highest quality of support is offered when needed.

Freedom to innovate

VentraIP Australia’s focus is firmly locked on its customers and innovating through automation and flexibility means their customers never have to worry about managing the infrastructure components that aren’t core to their business.

In an industry that’s renowned for high churn rates, VentraIP Australia broke the mould and shifted the needle with automated provisioning, locally based customer support and flexibility of services so its customers extract maximum value out of their digital experience platforms.

The web-hosting game has evolved in the last five years or so. Websites in the digital age are the prime interface into the organisation. They’re more resource intensive, vulnerable to cyber-attacks and for many, they’re managed by people who aren’t necessarily technically skilled in that area.

Not to mention the fact they’re highly dynamic and require significant investment maintaining them, and consumers engaging with them have zero tolerance for latency issues that slow down page-loads and introduce poor response times. Bad experiences around site performance or availability may mean prospects never return if a site doesn’t give them what they want, when they want it.

As a result, web hosting service providers are under the pump to offer virtualised high-density computer power and high-speed connectivity solutions that are supported by highly resilient and interconnected infrastructure. Customers expect intuitive solutions, ease-of-use and flexibility to support varying conditions, and they need a partner that can move with them.

Throughout their years in business, VentraIP Australia have learnt the true value of the resilient and interconnected infrastructure that underpins their business. Inadequate infrastructure creates business disruption and causes customers to be inconvenienced – two things which drove them to seek an enhanced level of support from their data centre.

This is the role that NEXTDC plays for VentraIP Australia. As a result, they no longer devote attention to infrastructure management - all attention is redirected to innovation and providing solutions to new challenges that make a real difference to their customers, and their customers’ customers alike.

It’s not always easy to keep pace with the rate of digital change, but what is clear is that creating time to focus on innovation and to commit to putting customers at the centre of everything you do will multiply the opportunities you get to disrupt and thrive. VentraIP Australia does this and so do we. You can too.

Reach out to NEXTDC and discuss how we can add resilience, security and diversity to your SaaS platform or other digital services.


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