NEXTDC exclusively offers 1ms latency to Google Cloud in Australia

Jul 12, 2018



We know that businesses have been holding back from taking full advantage of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and application services because of concerns over bandwidth and connection reliability.

So NEXTDC and Google have just announced a new partnership offering Australian firms fast, secure connections between their on-premise network and GCP from any of the 17 NEXTDC and AXON locations nationwide.

NEXTDC can directly connect your business’ network to GCP via Googles Dedicated Interconnect which are direct fibre connections direct from S1 Sydney, or via Partner Interconnect which offers speeds from 50Mbps to 10Gbps delivered at the lowest possible latency of 1ms.

Businesses requiring a reliable connection to Google Cloud can bypass any congestion and interference from the open internet by plugging their network directly into GCP.

Google Interconnect make it more practical to access Google’s applications, services and reporting tools. Customers with compatible networks will be offered Service Level Agreements via Googles configuration guidance on their Interconnect pages, which should bring some peace of mind to long suffering network admins.

Google Cloud is the most recent addition to NEXTDC’s growing list of more than 450 partnerships, which already include Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

Enterprise software vendors have come a long way since the days of selling CD-based software with license keys stuck to the box. As vendor’s products evolved, they created specialist cloud platforms that are finely tuned to maximise performance from their various products.

For example, Google’s advanced network provides a server-less service, which enables simple scalability and some of the most powerful data and analytics tool available. Amazon is where the cloud was born and has grown into the largest global provider of e-commerce infrastructure. Microsoft has been part-of-the-furniture when it comes to enterprise tech for many decades and IBM is a big player in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Moving applications to the cloud results in capital savings and enables organisations to focus on their core objectives, instead of investing significant intellectual and financial resources into running an IT network. So it’s no surprise that it’s becoming common for companies to subscribe to multiple clouds.

NEXTDC’s partnerships with the globe’s largest and most influential technology players means that our customers have reliable and secure access to the fastest, and most advanced networks available -- because NEXTDC is where the cloud lives.

If you want to hear more about the Google Interconnect options available at NEXTDC, get in touch so we can help you with the option best suited to your business.


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