S1 - Built It Up, Build It Up, Build It Higher!

Aug 23, 2012



S1 continues to grow taller every time we see it. This week we've been constructing the formwork for level two while the pre-cast concrete walls are lowered into level 1. Pouring level 2 will be a pretty big milestone for us because it is the first data hall floor at the facility.

The top photo really illustrates just how quickly the guys on the site are moving. You can see one of the pre-cast concrete walls being lowered into the facility while one of the guys works on constructing the level 2 formwork.

9041_img_1592As you see in this second photo, lowering in the pre-casts is quite an intricate task. The walls have to be lowered in through a tiny space and then moved into position.

The final area of level 1 was poured today. This last photo shows the constructed formwork yesterday afternoon ready for the pour. 4730_img_1600


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