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Sep 23, 2021



By George Dionisopoulos - Head of Security

As organisations continue to modernise and move more workloads to cloud, new kinds of challenges arise for IT leaders. In a recent survey, 33% of organisations reported that the biggest challenge they faced across their Hybrid/Multi-Cloud architecture was establishing a holistic security posture that spans the physical and virtual environments.

Infact, the 2021 State of Security report indicates that 49% of organisations found managing security in today’s Multi-Cloud environment harder than two years ago.

Security has a direct impact on business and underpins how organisations enhance their own operations. The cost of breaches at the reputational, competition and regulatory compliance level can be cataclysmic. With the increased acceleration to cloud, security becomes a priority for the entire business, not just IT. As such, security plays a leading role in our digital infrastructure platform, forming part of the end-to-end customer experience we are best known for.

Building and operating a security practise to the highest global standards isn’t a luxury afforded to most organisations whose core business isn’t security. When it comes to how and where organisations invest their Capex, it becomes a competing priority to organisational ‘must have’s’ such as growth, R&D and innovation strategies. This is one advantage where an outsourced data centre model lends itself to the ongoing success of our customers’ business.

In this security deep dive, we discuss the makings of a universal security posture with global security experts Genetec.

When it comes to addressing the highest direct and indirect business priorities, organisations are increasingly turning to NEXTDC for support. When our customers make the strategic decision to relocate their IT environment to NEXTDC they experience immediate speed to value. One of the critical drivers instantly addressed is their security posture, tapping into our elite security operations and hardened posture that keeps our customers IT safely secured 24/7.

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Building a comprehensive security strategy takes thorough planning and vulnerability testing from the inside out. For business leaders, data security is a key budget consideration, and as pressure mounts around safe-guarding data, keeping up with security in a Multi-Cloud environment doesn’t have to be the headache it threatens to be.

Access NEXTDC’s Integrated Security Guide, outlining the top points to consider when building a holistic security mesh.

We invest heavily into building a sophisticated, multi-layered security posture and processes to ensure our customers critical IT infrastructure is secured and protected to the highest global standards. Just as our data centres are built to support the evolving and dynamic needs of our customers, our security protocols follow suit.

6 layers of security and mitigation strategies

  • Anti-scale perimeter security
  • Front of house secure access
  • Anti-clone, biometric fingerprint technology
  • Ballistic rated security
  • Elite security operations
  • Digital access management
  • Risk and compliance management

As Australia's leading digital infrastructure provider, we're recognised as the best in the business and best positioned to meet the highest level of global security standards.

If we can help you better secure and protect your critical IT assets reach out and speak with a specialist.


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