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May 24, 2020



Written by: David Dzienciol, Chief Customer and Commercial Officer

As we begin the third decade of this 21st century, digital transformation continues to mature rapidly as organisations turn to cloud and other emerging technologies. These are key enablers of today’s business strategies - driving productivity improvements and enhancing customer experience.

Today, organisations need to empower their people with access to everything from anywhere. Intelligently designed, managed and high-performance connectivity solutions have become the critical success factor for organisations trying to integrate and optimise their sprawling infrastructure deployments. And they need help from people that are highly specialised to achieve it.

For ICT services organisations on the front line, they are embracing the responsibility for developing and deploying solutions that will evolve our digital landscape. But how should they diversify their own businesses, so they can help their customers accelerate against their own growth strategies?

Getting IT Over the Wire

Brisbane-based Over the Wire (OTW) is an ASX-listed IT and telecommunications solutions provider that is experiencing a period of rapid growth. Its stated purpose, as a services provider facilitating digital transformation, is to “simplify technology to empower business”. At NEXTDC we have had personal experience of this. We collaborate with OTW, and enlist their specialist knowledge, to help us seamlessly integrate new sites as our business continues to grow.

With over 50 points of presence around Australia, including all NEXTDC’s data centres, OTW owns and manages an expansive carrier grade network as well as extensive private cloud infrastructure spanning Australia and New Zealand.

OTW’s mission is to be a trusted partner who removes the complexities traditionally associated with managing and integrating contemporary IT and telecommunications platforms. Their vision is to be the technology provider that is passionately promoted by their customers, allowing them to thrive in a business landscape rife with disruption.

Technology change is challenging

As technology accelerates and companies prioritise digital transformation, OTW is continually evolving its services so that their customers can achieve the best possible advancements from their technology investments.

Every organisation has distinctive network requirements and the way they extract full value from their infrastructure is through tailored connectivity solutions.

“Many of our clients today are operating in complex hybrid environments,” says Scott Smith, CEO. “They are undertaking their own, unique digital transformation journeys and looking to their partners to help them leverage technology for business success.

“Typically, modern distributed organisations, under pressure from growth and competition, have ended up with a plethora of IT and telecommunications suppliers. They have multiple applications, configurations and services, but no single trusted source of strategy to align it all with the broader business objectives.

“Our challenge as a managed services and solutions provider is to help our customers implement the most appropriate mix of public and private infrastructure that will meet their precise needs. In architecting a bespoke technology mix that is right for individual customers, it is impossible for us to do everything exceptionally, so we partner with organisations that share our passion for putting the customer first.

“There are some things we do extremely well. We generate tremendous value through our intimate industry knowledge and relationships. But due to the continually evolving complexity, depth and breadth of customer requirements today, our partnerships become ever more important to integrating and simplifying the broader solution.”

Flexible Solutions

As with all successful businesses servicing the digital needs of customers, OTW has been evolving and honing its capabilities in lockstep with the industry so that it can leverage the latest technology mega-trends for customer success. It has always been at the forefront of delivering outstanding solutions that enable its clients to disrupt, compete and delight their own customers through innovation.

At the core of OTW’s success has been its ability to leverage their connected ecosystems. They use intelligent network and infrastructure management tools to aggregate diverse services into a single end-to-end solution that covers cloud platforms, cloud solutions and carrier services. Organisations battling the complexity of digital transformation are crying out for this level of clarity over the path forward.

“By providing customised, end-to-end solutions that underpin our customers hybrid and/or multi cloud architectures, including the high-speed networks required to connect it all, we enable them to stay in control and extract full value from their infrastructure platform.”

This end-to-end capability from OTW is liberating customers from having to manage multiple suppliers and complex technology mixes, all of which serves to enable them to stay focused on what is important to their own success.

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