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Amaze & NEXTDC: Delivering Tailored, Resilient Technology Solutions

In the dynamic sphere of technology, standing still is not an option. Amaze's collaboration with NEXTDC is underpinned by this philosophy—progressing together to ensure our digital infrastructure is not just robust today, but ready for tomorrow's demands.

The Challenge: Seamless Growth in a Complex Landscape

As Amaze's clientele expands, embracing sectors from fintech to healthcare, the pressure to deliver scalable and secure cloud solutions intensifies. Our clients seek infrastructure that adapts swiftly to market demands, upholds the highest security protocols, and enables immediate data processing.

Commitment to Service Excellence

"Infrastructure resilience and efficiency are crucial for our clients," acknowledges Luke Iggleden. "They expect their data to be secure, readily accessible, and efficiently managed."

The Collaborative Edge: Amaze and NEXTDC

Combining Amaze's cloud services with NEXTDC's robust data centre infrastructure, we've crafted a solution that's not only scalable and secure, but also resilient. This partnership allows us to deliver a digital platform where businesses can confidently scale and innovate.

Solution Synergy:

  • Scalable Infrastructure: We offer digital solutions that match the pace of our clients' growth, supported by the reliability of NEXTDC's data centres.
  • Unwavering Uptime: Our combined efforts ensure an infrastructure with 100% uptime, reinforcing our clients' operational continuity.
  • Focused Innovation: Together with NEXTDC, we continually invest in infrastructure primed for innovation, keeping our clients at the forefront of their industries.

Integrated Solutions: A Symbiotic Relationship

Amaze and NEXTDC's integrated solutions provide a resilient, secure, and scalable platform that meets our clients' varied and rigorous demands, from high-frequency trading to real-time medical diagnostics.

Enhancing Business Operations:

  • Connectivity and Adaptability: The connectivity within NEXTDC's data centres enables our cloud services to thrive, creating an adaptable ecosystem for our customers. 
  • Optimized Investment: Utilizing NEXTDC's infrastructure, we channel our investments more strategically, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Concentration on Core Services: This partnership permits us to devote our efforts to delivering exceptional cloud computing and managed IT services, while NEXTDC manages data centre operations.

Closing Perspective:

"At Amaze, our mission is to provide a cloud solution that embodies agility and security, enabling seamless operations," states Luke Iggleden. "Our alliance with NEXTDC strengthens our ability to offer solutions that not only meet the current market expectations for security, resilience, and scalability but also anticipate and lead future technological developments."

Our partnership with NEXTDC reflects our shared dedication to setting the benchmark for quality and innovation in service delivery, ensuring our clients always have the competitive edge they need to succeed.


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