Delivering digital services to the edge

No matter your location, growing business and scaling without friction requires highly interconnected and resilient infrastructure that’s engineered, built and operated to the highest standards. Infrastructure that is flexible by nature and can be right-sized to support your business requirements today, and into the future.

Edge data centre solutions form a crucial part of the broader digital and business transformation strategy, as such Edge plays a strategic role in enabling successful business outcomes not only at the core, but at locations outside the metro region.

Services from the core, out to the edges of your environment

NEXTDC’s edge network is a geographically dispersed network of regional data centres. Strategically located near critical communications infrastructure, our Edge facilities support the growth of data and networks in regional communities.

NEXTDC’s edge data centres are built upon our diverse national footprint, and directly and seamlessly interconnect regionally located organisations back into NEXTDC’s metropolitan data centre network. Delivering connectivity, security, reliability, and the mission critical operations requirements organisations rely on, our edge network facilitate speed and proximity to critical digital services.


The benefits of moving your digital edge to a NEXTDC data centre

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Our business is purpose-built to scale with our customers. Our modular and adaptable solutions enable our customers to grow easily.

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Cloud Ready

As Australia’s most directly connected, cloud enabled data centre network, we offer our customers greater choice at the lowest latency to support their Hybrid Cloud objectives.

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100% Uptime

Our Uptime certified Tier IV and Tier III world-class data centres delivers our customers superior service excellence, without disruption.

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Our data centres are designed to deliver a seamless defence in depth experience. Built to adhere to the highest global security standards that enable frictionless onsite access 24/7.

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