M2 Melbourne data centre

Melbourne's first Tier IV data centre

M2 offers significant new data colocation capacity for local and international organisations. Strategically located in Tullamarine, close to major transport and telecommunications infrastructure, M2 showcases the latest in engineering innovation and design excellence, achieving Uptime Institute Tier IV Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF).

The only data centre in Victoria and the second in Australia behind B2, M2 has achieved Uptime Institute Tier IV Gold Certification for Operational Sustainability demonstrating excellence in the management of long-term operational risks and behaviours safeguarding your IT infrastructure and decreasing your business risk.

Connectivity at your fingertips

Scale your infrastructure and services and access the entire local NEXTDC ecosystem via simple Data Centre Interconnect (DCI).

Enjoy world-class colocation and the financial benefits of a true multi-cloud strategy. Connect on-demand via your own fast, private connections to a host of cloud platforms such as AWS, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud as well as the nations carrier networks and service providers. Like all NEXTDC data centres, M2 is 100% carrier-neutral.

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100% Uptime

This Tier IV data centre is surpassing industry standards for design.
Find out how.

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Disaster Recovery

Need help with your DR or redundancy strategy? We can help you find the best solution.

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Melbourne’s largest Tier IV data centre
will be 15,000m2 at full fitout.

Australia's largest Tier IV data centre

M2 will boast 15,000m2 of high-density technical space, scaling to a target capacity of 40MW at full fit-out, making it Australia's largest Tier IV data centre. Surpassing industry standards for security, performance, reliability and energy-efficiency, M2 showcases the latest technology innovations in Tier IV data centre design never before seen in Australia.

100% uptime is non-negotiable for your critical infrastructure

Tier IV certification is the peak of the Uptime Institute's classification system. This international certification evaluates individual data centre performance and build on the Tier III standards for concurrent maintainability. Fault tolerance is the main feature of Tier IV data centres and involves multiple independent, physically isolated systems which provide redundant capacity and diverse distribution paths.

Read about how our Tier IV facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, can optimise your business through complete fault tolerance and 100% guaranteed uptime.


ISO 27001 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 Uptime Institute certified Facility M2 2017 Uptime Institute certified Design M2 2019 Uptime Institute certified GOLD operations M2 2022