10,000m2 of high-density technical space

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M2 Melbourne data centre

Latest technologies

Showcasing the latest technology innovations M2 will surpass DC industry standards for design.


NEXTDC can help you with DR or your redundancy strategy.

40 MW

M2 will be Melbourne’s largest independent data centre.

M2 Melbourne data centre

M2 will deliver significant new capacity for organisations. Strategically located in Tullamarine, close to major transport and telecommunications infrastructure.
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Connectivity services at your fingertips

Access world-class colocation facilities and the benefits of cloud computing, enabling you to connect on-demand to a host of cloud services such as AWS, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

Building Melbourne's largest independent data centre

M2 will boast 10,000m2 of high-density technical space and will scale up to a target capacity of 25MW at full fit-out, making it Melbourne’s largest independent data centre.

Surpassing industry standards for security, performance, reliability and energy-efficiency, M2 will showcase the latest technology innovations in data centre design.

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"NEXTDC is the hub for everything that we do in terms of our IT infrastructure that supports the business."

- Will Sessions, Infrastructure Architect, SunRice

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