Accelerating digital-first business

To support the ever-changing requirements of business in an era of significant technological advancement, there is a pressing need for completely fault tolerant infrastructure that is engineered, built and operated at the highest standards globally, and right-sized to support the requirements of business now and the years to come.

Perth's most connected data centre

Strategically located, NEXTDC’s P1 and P2 Perth data centre facilities form the critical infrastructure platform for West Australian businesses, built to meet the increasing needs of today’s digital economy. With direct access to Perth’s hosted public clouds and highly available connectivity to Asia and the east coast, P2 creates the most interconnected technology hub in the state. Enabling instant and seamless access to the countries’ leading communications networks, cloud and IT providers, we deliver the critical power and connectivity requirements that West Australian businesses demand - giving you the fastest, most direct access to all major clouds.



100% uptime

The highest possible levels of resilience and reliability for business.


Direct cloud connections

Direct, dynamic and low latency connections to the leading public cloud platforms.


Disaster recovery

Customised DR solutions to support distributed environments 24x7 integration.

Superior business resilience

Having a reliable critical infrastructure platform that enables your ‘Always On’ business to thrive, means the ability to effectively service consumer demand, delight your customers, capitalise on every opportunity and accelerate business and expansion opportunities. NEXTDC’s premium P2 Perth data centre is the critical infrastructure that enables you to accelerate your digital-first business, underpinned by the highest levels of reliability and resiliency that your business and your customers demand.

Build business resilience and a robust disaster recovery and business continuity strategy that delivers your business unprecedented levels of resilience and reliability 24/7, backed by a 100% uptime guarantee.

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Locally available hosted cloud access points
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P2 Perth data centre

Designed to grow in line with your business, NEXTDC’s premium P2 Perth data centre has been purpose built to meet the strong regional demand for data centre solutions across West Australia.

Delivering 20MW at full fitout, P2 provides your business with much-needed power and connectivity, making it Perth’s most powerful data centre. With a 10kW rack average, P2 is engineered to support the highest-density power and compute requirements in the state.

P2 is West Australia’s largest data centre and offers complete fault tolerance of the critical infrastructure that drives your business 24/7.

P2 champions the highest levels of operational excellence that deliver more sustainable outcomes and a superior level of energy efficiency. With a target Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15, P2 embraces a level of PUE that surpasses industry standard, driving a significantly reduced level of power usage and greater optimisation of power efficiency.

ISO 27001 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 Uptime institute logo
Technical space
12,000 m2
IT load
20 MW
Perth CBD
Target PUE
1.152 / 1.291

NEXTDC facility features

Our focus on providing customers with an outstanding colocation experience means that our data centres are designed to make it easy to install, operate and conduct business.

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On-site parking

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Bookable meeting rooms

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Office space

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