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S2 Sydney Data Centre

Unprecedented reliability and high availability at Sydney's only Tier IV data centre

S2 Sydney delivers 30MW of capacity and unprecedented connectivity options to NSW organisations.

With an 8kW rack average, S2 is engineered to support the highest levels of high-density compute requirements – supporting the growth of your business requirements for years to come.

As Sydney's only Uptime Tier IV certified data centre for design documents and showcasing 100% fault tolerance, S2 delivers your business with the greatest level of business reliance and reliability which is backed by NEXTDC's 100% uptime guarantee.

Optimise Hybrid Cloud, accelerate growth and performance

Optimising your Hybrid Multi-Cloud environment starts with colocating your critical infrastructure where your clouds live. When it comes to connecting to cloud, nearest is best. Our premium colocation solutions enable your business to connect to Australia’s most cloud-connected data centre footprint meaning faster more direct access to the critical cloud services your business relies on.

Delivering direct connections straight to the major public cloud platforms, S2 directly interconnects to S1 via a Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) ensuring immediate access to the locally available rich partner ecosystem, delivering customers the greatest level of choice and performance.

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S2 is Sydney’s first Tier IV



100% uptime

Sydney's only Uptime Institute Tier IV colocation facility, delivering your business 100% uptime.


30MW of power

To support your power and high-density computing requirements, ready to scale with your business.


Get connected

The gateway to all your critical IT services, including Microsoft ExpressRoute, AWS Direct Connect, Oracle Cloud and IBM Cloud

100% uptime is non-negotiable

Tier IV certification is the pinnacle of Uptime’s Tier classification system. This international certification evaluates individual data centre performance. Only when a facility is completely fault-tolerant can it be certified Tier IV.

Read how NEXTDC’s Tier IV facilities can help you accelerate your business performance and achieve your critical digital goals through complete fault tolerance and 100% business resilience.

Delivering operational superiority, saving customers on power usage and energy bills

S2 is built and run to global operational standards that promote operational excellence. With a target PUE of 1.29, well below the industry standard, S2 delivers a new level of energy efficiency and champions the highest levels of sustainability stewardship.

S2 Sydney showcases the industry’s highest security protocols. With 24/7 onsite monitoring, our data centres are supported by the industry’s most highly specialised technical capabilities.