Olivia Moriarty

Chief of Staff

Olivia is responsible for leading the company’s strategic planning and execution framework.

Olivia brings extensive experience running the Executive office at NEXTDC for seven years, prior to her role as Chief of Staff. She is well respected for her ability to build and lead teams, enhancing the skills and expertise of staff.

Olivia is known for her passion and precision in leading the synchronisation of the leadership group and her ability to promote cross functional collaboration across the organisation, in order to support continued growth and excellence company wide.

Olivia is a project management professional who specialises in the Prosci Change Management methodology. Olivia’s expertise helps facilitate organisational transition and assists the people side of change, ensuring the NEXTDC team understand, accept, embrace and commit to changes within the organisation as it continues its growth trajectory.

Prior to joining NEXTDC, Olivia worked for the Queensland State Government running HR & Executive office related roles.


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