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A new level of business continuity

blueAPACHE is a business based on the idea that people should have efficient secure access to their systems wherever they are, when ever they want. This enables their clients to achieve success, be agile and dynamic and support their client communities.


blueAPACHE needed business continuity, both at a technical and people level. They were experiencing expansion. Without a business continuity plan in place, a disruption isn’t only a loss of productivity and a source for reputational damage; it has potential to also lead to extensive delays that may well cause irreparable financial damage.


Expanding from M1 to M2 was an obvious move for one of M2’s first customers, blueAPACHE. They looked at the expansion to M2 as an extension of their existing services.


The expansion for blueAPACHE means seamless connectivity with the existing Melbourne footprint, right the way through to the new services that M2 can provide, which is not just providing business continuity, not just at a technology level, but also at a people level.

"NEXTDC has always been an intergral partner to blueAPACHE to delivering our services."

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Seamless connectivity

Rapid business growth support

Enhanced business continuity

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