Keep your team and your business safe during crisis

Business resilience is critical during times of crisis. To avoid the impact of disasters and keep your team safe and your operations running smoothly, Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is a critical practice, no matter the size of your business.

To maintain business operations during a crisis, a current and tested Business Continuity Plan is crucial to recovering quickly. Dedicated and resilient High Availability operational space is your key to rapid recovery.

NEXTmcx is a High Availability operational space solution offered by NEXTDC. NEXTmcx solutions ensure the continuity of your critical teams and operations, and will support your business seamlessly through outages and business impacting scenarios.

NEXTDC ensures the continuity of your critical teams and business services, supporting you through short-term outages and worst-case scenarios from our secure, highly resilient and network-rich data centres that house the country’s largest and most diverse ICT partner ecosystem.

We believe that designing a bespoke solution that is tailored to meet your individual needs is critical to the success of your BCP and your business. Our High Availability specialists will work with you to build the most efficient solution that will ensure your Mission Critical 'X' teams and operations continue to run uninterrupted.

NEXTmcx High Availability solutions include:

  • Completely customised and dedicated operational space across Australia’s major capital cities to house your Mission Critical 'X" operations
  • Assurance that your Mission Critical 'X' teams and infrastructure housed at NEXTDC, are backed by a 100% uptime service level guarantee
  • Low-cost, high-performance direct access to clouds, networks and the nation’s largest ecosystem of ICT providers that underpin the success of your business continuity plan.

When evaluating the right solution to support the ongoing continuity of your organisations Mission Critical 'X' teams and infrastructure, it’s important to look for a solutions provider that will address the challenges you face now, and partner with you long-term, to help you solve future requirements.


It's business as usual

Before you build your business continuity framework, it’s important you start with a solid foundation by considering the critical success factors that contribute to a robust and resilient business continuity plan.

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Remember your people

You can’t operate without them. Ensure your BCP considers your team and provides them the necessary support.

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Have a plan

As obvious as it sounds, start by having a plan. Allow for contingency – if it can go wrong, it will. Be prepared for it and adapt and adjust as things unfold.

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Keep it simple

Keep your plan as simple as possible, and reduce the amount of brainpower required to decode your business reliance strategy when it’s needed most.

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Test your plan

Test your plan in advance and negate any potential fires ahead of time.

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Ensure communication features heavily in your business continuity plan so as to remove ambiguity and uncertainty, and dramatically improve your customers’ experiences.

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Supply chain

Establish multiple supplier contingencies for times where the availability of material or components are impacted.

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Consider team splitting where multiple teams that perform the same role, operate at different times or across different locations to continue to run full operations.

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Keep calm, carry on

Stick to your plan, and execute as practised.



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