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100% business uptime is non-negotiable

There is nothing more critical than your brand, reputation, and your ability to faultlessly serve your customers. Supporting your brand and reputation is embedded in NEXTDC’s core values. We understand the always-on nature of digital businesses, and the critical need for immediacy, and being available and accessible to your customers 100% of the time.  
Supporting the dynamic and rapidly evolving requirements of digital businesses requires the backing of completely fault tolerant digital infrastructure. In today’s digital landscape 99% uptime simply isn’t good enough. NEXTDC is the only data centre operator in Australia to successfully build and operate a national platform of Tier IV completely fault tolerant data centres.


S3 Sydney Open Now. 
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Why customers colocate with us

NEXTDC's Sydney data centres provide world class premium colocation services that are trusted by some of the largest brands locally, and globally

Australian owned

We deliver end to end local support 24/7. Our leadership team listen, and act on feedback in real time.

Cloud Ready

As Australia’s most cloud connected and cloud enabled data centre network, we offer you greater choice at the lowest latency to ensure you drive more out of your cloud investments.

Disaster Recovery

NEXTDC’s metropolitan data centres offer superior network connectivity when it comes to bridging the distance and latency between your primary location and DR site, enabling you to failover in as little as a nanosecond.


Our colocation data centres are designed to deliver a seamless defence in depth experience. Built to adhere to the highest global security standards that enable frictionless onsite access 24/7.

Flexibility & agility

Our colocation data centre solutions are built with you in mind. We offer flexibility through tailored solutions that meet your individual requirements.


As Australia s most environmentally advanced and highly certified data centre operator, we provide our customers assurance that their IT is running in the most sustainable and efficient facilities in the country.


Where the cloud lives and digital businesses interconnect

Technical Space


IT Load




Operational Space

Critical operations/ office space


Sustainable business drives success
Your first step to carbon neutrality

As digital transformation accelerates, technology — particularly the data centre — has become the fastest area of growth for carbon emissions. Globally, data centres account for around 2% of the world’s carbon emissions. With analysts estimating data centres will consume ~20% of the world’s electricity by 2025, the growth in carbon emissions is only going to get bigger, faster.

Learn how to quickly, and easily deliver a more sustainable outcome from your I.T operations and achieve zero-net emissions for your I.T operations instantly.

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