How does AXON work?

One AXON port = many virtual connections which are made possible via our Elastic Cross Connects (EXC’s) which are lightning fast, highly secure virtual circuits, delivered on-demand. Once connected to the AXON platform, you have the flexibility to provision as many virtual connections as you need, allowing you to unite your mission critical services and orchestrate your own custom solutions in real-time.

Delivered as-a-Service, AXON gives you complete control over business spend and connectivity scale; driving cost efficiencies back to the bottom line and flexibility back to your organisation.

Connect your clouds

Delivering high performance connections to the clouds your business relies on, AXON puts you at the centre of your hybrid cloud universe. Customise and manage your own private, secure network in real-time with the cloud providers hosting your mission critical workloads. With AXON you’ll enjoy the endless scale and agility of cloud without compromising on cost, security or performance.

Connecting your data centres

Delivering cost effective inter-data centre services at unprecedented speeds, connecting your data centres has never been simpler.

Connecting cities via carriers

Ready to connect?

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