Interconnect your world

To operate and compete without limitation today, you need to integrate your siloed worlds together. You need to be interconnected!

Enabling hybrid services, on-demand

NEXTDC’s data centres are hubs for major private cloud platforms such as Office 365, Azure, AWS and IBM Cloud. AXON enables you to connect freely to the services critical to your business and orchestrate your own custom hybrid cloud environment.

Activate high-performance, private connections in seconds to any number of carriers and cloud platforms on-demand.

Connect your physical and virtual worlds

Interconnectivity enables direct connections, on-demand between your partners, suppliers, locations, clouds but most importantly, your customers!

It means your data is available and turns your dream of servicing more locations, engaging more customers and supporting your people faster and more efficiently into reality.

And because your virtual connections are private, they never touch the public internet, resulting in greater control, stability and performance of your business critical infrastructure and enhanced security of your data.

Optimise spend and scale

Delivered as-a-service and billed by the hour, interconnectivity with AXON means you only ever pay for what you use, giving you complete control over your spend and connectivity scale.

With our simplified inter-capital connectivity services, AXON drives cost efficiencies and flexibility back to your organisation.

Benefits of connectivity


100% neutral. Connect to any cloud, carrier or data centre.

Smart Scalability

One port, multiple virtual instances. Dial connections up or down as you need.


Secure, private connections direct to your mission critical services.

High performance

High bandwidth connectivity. Guaranteed throughput. Low latency.

Cost efficient

Pay for what you use, when you need it.

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Power your business through AXON

  • One AXON port = multiple virtual connections
  • Create any number of virtual connections online anytime
  • Provision in minutes, pay for what you use
  • 100% neutrality, Australia-wide
  • High calibre of carriers, cloud services providers and IT integrators
  • Connect with the services critical to your organisation
  • Instant access to leading cloud platforms
  • Customise your own private, secure network in real time
  • Extend your reach and generate new business opportunities


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