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Fastest route to cloud

Australia’s most connected and cloud enabled data centres. Get the fastest, nearest most secure route to cloud.

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Scalable, flexible connections

Australia’s most interconnected data centre footprint. High-performance, superior connectivity solutions customised to your requirements.

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Better disaster recovery

Premium data centre solutions enabling the highest levels of redundancy, proximity and availability 24/7.

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One national contract

Take space in any of our data centres under one national contract and benefit from consistent pricing and SLAs.

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600+ ICT Partners

Transforming digitally means being supported by more than 600 NEXTDC as-a-Service partners. Our partnerships provide a seamless platform for you to access the expertise you need, under one roof.

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100% business uptime

National footprint of Tier III and Tier IV facilities designed and engineered to deliver 100% uptime guarantee supported by a team of operations specialists and in-house 24x7 security staff.

Enable business strategy with your IT infrastructure

NEXTDC provides your business with the level of resilience and reliability that can't be achieved on your own. In today's digital-first world, flexibility and agility are a non-negotiable when it comes to building a hybrid IT environment that enables your business strategy.

Colocation at NEXTDC provides your business with a level of resilience and reliability that can't be achieved on your own. NEXTDC's data centre solutions are built to scale with your business, delivering the added business protection of a 100% uptime guarantee.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of data centre excellence in the country, which is crucial in supporting the evolving needs of our customers. Our premium Data Centre-as-a-Service model combines first-class colocation with your choice of connectivity services and real-time data centre intelligence tools, to ensure your data centre is driving the very best outcomes for your business.

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Rack ready solutions

Our all-inclusive, pre-installed rack solutions mean you can move straight in reducing unnecessary cost and complexity to your business.

Rack packages are suitable for single or multiple racks and are all inclusive of:

  • Power allocations of up to 6kW
  • 2 power rails
  • Enterprise-class security
  • Access to our customer portal ONEDC, where you can manage your NEXTDC data centre anywhere, anytime.

Custom colocation

Not every data centre requirement is based on a standard build, therefore if you need something more customised, our engineering specialists will help you design a solution that is customised to suit your specific requirements.


Need more than a rack?

Your data centre is just one piece of a larger Hybrid IT strategy.

Our Cloud Centre Ecosystem comprises > 600 ICT partners and is the most active and highly specialised partner ecosystem in the country.

We offer you complete freedom to source the services critical to your business and the skills necessary to achieve your business priorities, all housed under the one roof.


NEXTDC facility features

Our focus on providing customers with an outstanding colocation experience means that our data centres are designed to make it easy to install, operate and conduct business.

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On-site parking

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Undercover loading dock

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Customer breakout area

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Bookable meeting rooms

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Office space

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Spare parts

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Crash carts

Colocate your IT where your clouds live

When it comes to the proximity and accessibility of cloud nearest is always best. We are Australia’s most cloud connected and enabled data centres, meaning we will get you there faster, cheaper and more securely than anybody else.

We host the largest national footprint of direct public cloud onramps for the worlds largest clouds, which offers you the greatest level of flexibility, redundancy and performance when it comes to connecting to your clouds and optimising your Multi-Cloud environment. Optimising Multi-Cloud starts with colocating your physical infrastructure where your clouds live. NEXTDC is where the cloud lives.

Highly sustainable, energy efficient colocation solutions

Organisations are looking for a trusted data centre partner who shares their sustainability objectives and will partner with them proactively to remove the perceived complexities around operating sustainably. Sustainability is a critical component of our business and we actively help our customers and partners to achieve their sustainability goals faster by colocating their infrastructure in our data centres.

At NEXTDC, environmental sustainability is very much a part of our core company beliefs. It's embedded in the way we design and build our facilities and the way we run our overall operations. Our thirst for delivering facilities that showcase cutting edge design has seen us implement engineering innovations that drive more sustainable outcomes for our customers, and lower the use of energy consumption across our entire footprint.

Energy efficiency is paramount to us building the country's most sustainable data centres. NEXTDC’s data centres operate at the lowest Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in the country and we are the only colocation data centre provider to operate at a NABERS 5-Star rating for energy efficiency, the highest Government certified energy efficiency rating in Australia which can only be achieved through building a long-term vision and being completely dedicated to energy efficient design.

By building and operating Australia’s most energy efficient colocation data centres, certified to unparalleled government standards, NEXTDC not only offers bottom line benefits in the form of reduced power bills, it ensures our customers IT infrastructure is being managed in the most ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

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Proud to be carbon neutral NABERS 4.5 star

Australia’s most connected data centres

Our physical and virtual connectivity solutions allow you to quickly, seamlessly and securely connect your Hybrid IT environment.

Directly connect to your critical IT services in the fastest most secure way possible and scale your digital infrastructure as and when you need. When you build your digital platform at NEXTDC, start here and go everywhere.

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