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The fastest, most direct route to your clouds

As the interconnection hub for Australian businesses, NEXTDC will help you increase your market share, transform your services and enhance customer experience.

Home to the leading public cloud platforms, NEXTDC is where the cloud lives. Colocation with NEXTDC means your physical IT infrastructure, public clouds and ICT services are located right next to each other. The critical success factor in bringing these components together is interconnectivity.

Removing the distance between your in-house infrastructure and your data, applications and clouds enables you to drastically reduce your latency and optimise performance. By positioning yourself in the epicentre of your digital ecosystem, you gain the most direct access to your clouds at the closest proximity and adjacency. By avoiding the Public Internet and interconnecting your Hybrid/Multi-Cloud environment within the one location, you drive greater reliability, performance and cost efficiency from your cloud investments.

At NEXTDC, we bring the cloud to you, in turn enabling your business to drive more optimal and profitable outcomes from your Hybrid IT environment.

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Interconnect your business and scale with ease

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The fastest, easiest and most direct connections to your clouds.

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Minimise costs, reduce latency and improve performance.

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Fast, flexible, high-performance services that seamlessly integrate customers and partners across the metropolitan area.

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Carrier grade, cost-effective intercapital connectivity services.

Interconnecting digital business

Building a flexible and reliable interconnectivity strategy that binds your Hybrid IT environment and connects your people, places and clouds is paramount.

NEXTDC’s data centres are critical interconnectivity hubs for business. Housing over 640 cloud, carrier and ICT providers, we offer your business more choice and greater value. Our direct and dynamic interconnection solutions enable you to connect locally, and natively to your cloud platforms, and unify your people, data, applications and customers.

Our vendor and carrier-neutral data centres are a strategic business asset, enabling your organisation to increase revenue, reduce risk and drive more profitable outcomes. Irrespective of the size of your footprint, or which NEXTDC data centre you colocate within – investing in the right data centre connectivity strategy at NEXTDC will enable your digital business to grow and scale.

Fast, secure and direct access to the world’s largest cloud providers

Interconnect your business and scale with ease

For today’s modern digital business, interconnectivity is a critical strategy for IT as it enables direct, private, and secure exchanges of data. It means everything and everyone is connected, and enables the seamless collaboration of your people, places and workloads in real-time.

Enable your digital business to scale with ease with AXON, NEXTDC’s interconnectivity platform.

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