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The fastest most resilient path to the cloud

Most organisations today operate in a multi-cloud world. As a hub for the largest public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Google, AWS, Oracle, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and the nation's private cloud providers, NEXTDC brings the cloud to our customers all under the one roof.

Delivering the fastest and most resilient and secure access to the critical clouds that power your business from every NEXTDC location, we partner with you to help you customise your own Multi-Cloud strategy. We bring the clouds to our customers, in turn enabling them to drive more optimal and profitable outcomes from their Hybrid IT environment.

Optimising Multi-Cloud

NEXTDC’s data centres are hubs for critical connectivity to the major public cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, Oracle, Alibaba and IBM Cloud.

Activate high-performance, private connections in seconds to any number of public or private cloud platform. Connect freely to the services critical to your business and orchestrate your own custom Multi-Cloud environment with the AXON custom connectivity platform.


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