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where the cloud lives

With the role of cloud and the reliance we place on cloud-based services and applications becoming ever more prominent, it’s important our customers are provided with crucial connectivity their business demands. As home to the world’s leading cloud platforms and the critical access paths, our data centres are where the clouds live.

We help you connect your physical and virtual worlds, enabling direct connections between your partners, suppliers, locations, cloud services but most importantly, your customers!

Connectivity simplified

Select from a range of connectivity services. From structured cabling to cloud platform connections, we will help build a solution that best suits your business or project requirements.

Grow now, scale later

NEXTDC is home to 500+ local and international partners. Whether it's a cloud service or a carrier, we will help you find the right supplier for your requirements every time and allow you to scale your infrastructure and IT services as your business demands it.

Connectivity = Increased customer value

In today’s world, thriving doesn’t mean going it alone. Creating exceptional value relies on organisations being connected to the partners, suppliers, locations and clouds that makes your business unique.

Being connected helps turn your dream of servicing more locations, engaging more customers and supporting your people faster and more efficiently into reality.

Our data centres are home to 500+ local and international partners. Connect directly to the world's leading cloud platforms and the nation's carrier networks and scale your infrastructure and IT services as your business and customers demand.

  • Fast and secure access on-demand to major cloud platforms such as Office 365, Azure, AWS, Oracle, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Access to one Ecosystem means the ability to connect between data centre infrastructure and IT services that span multiple NEXTDC locations
  • High performance, reliable, low latency physical connections to preferred carriers, cloud providers and vendors from inside any NEXTDC data centre
  • Cost effective range of intercap carrier options from any NEXTDC facility.

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