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Interconnecting your business to the world

With the role of cloud and the reliance we place on technology to enable business growth becoming ever more prominent, building a flexible and reliable connectivity strategy that binds your Hybrid IT environment and interconnects your people, places and clouds is paramount.

NEXTDC is Australia’s major interconnection hub for the leading digital businesses. For 10 years we’ve been helping our customers accelerate their growth, transform the quality and resilience of their services and explore new markets.

Connectivity, your way

Our national footprint of premium data centres are hubs for orchestrating the critical interconnectivity your business requires. Our scalable connectivity solutions enable seamless, secure and highly reliable connections, consumed in a way that is right for your business.

We are committed to delivering superior connectivity solutions that enable the fastest, most direct connections between your people, places, locations and cloud services. Most importantly we enable you to deliver exceptional interactions and experiences to your customers, every time.


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Access your people, places, clouds and customers anywhere, when you need.

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Instant access to Australia’s largest and network rich ICT ecosystem of > 600 partners.

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Variety of flexible connectivity options, enabling you to optimise control and resiliency.

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Highly secure, direct and private solutions to suit your business requirements.

Interconnect everything

Building resilient and highly interconnected infrastructure prepares your digital platform for what’s around the corner.
It promises the enhanced agility and increased flexibility that today’s modern-day organisations require, so when your business needs to change, you’re platform is ready to change with it.

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Get the fastest, most direct and secure connections to your clouds.



Experience low latency, high performance connections within any NEXTDC data centre.



Get point-to-point connectivity between same city data centres. Seamlessly integrate your customers and partners.



Carrier grade, cost-effective intercapital connectivity services.


Enhance your customers' experiences

In today’s interconnected world, thriving doesn't mean going it alone. Creating exceptional value relies on organisations being connected to the partners, suppliers, locations and clouds. The experiences you deliver your people and your customers is what makes your business unique.

Optimising the connectivity strategy that underpins your Hybrid IT strategy is what turns your dream of servicing more locations, engaging more customers and supporting your people faster and more efficiently into an achievable and profitable reality.

Our national footprint of industry leading data centres are the most highly connected data centres in the country. NEXTDC is home to 600+ local and international partners, giving you the freedom and flexibility to directly connect to the world's leading cloud platforms and the nation's carrier networks, enabling you to scale your infrastructure and IT services as needed.

  • Fast and secure access on-demand to the major public cloud platforms Microsoft Azure, AWS, Oracle, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Google Cloud
  • Access to Australia's largest and most active ICT partner ecosystem. Connect freely between data centres and IT services that span multiple NEXTDC locations as and when you need
  • Cut your latency in half and reduce your bandwidth costs. NEXTDC deliver the fastest, most secure and reliable connections directly to your clouds, locations, carriers and ICT providers all within the one NEXTDC data centre
  • Low cost, seamless intercapital connectivity options from any NEXTDC facility.

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