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ONEDC: Real-time intelligence at your finger tips

Real-time information

View current power, temperature and humidity levels. Set up alerts on critical warning levels.

An intuitive platform

Identify and view devices right down to a single rack; perform redundancy evaluations.

Access management

Remotely unlock doors; manage team access levels or create and view tickets for NEXTDC support services.

View, track and report on your data centre assets

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ONEDC is our data centre infrastructure management tool. Shipped as standard with every NEXTDC rack, ONEDC delivers real-time intelligence across your entire NEXTDC data centre footprint, making the management of your critical infrastructure that little bit easier.

Offering a single, centralised view via our intuitive platform, ONEDC allows you track and report on your most critical IT inventory via any device across the entire NEXTDC network. Do away with those excel spreadsheets and visio digrams for good. With ONEDC you will actually see what's inside your racks, where they're connected and how well optimsed your infrastructure really is.

ONEDC package options:

Unlike any other data centre solution, your NEXTDC racks come standard with access to ONEDC Telemetry. For customers needing more, simply turn on ONEDC Advanced Management for enhanced DCIM capabilities.

Custom-built to give you greater control and visibility into your entire data centre footprint across our facilities, ONEDC Advanced Management offers a powerful suite of asset management, advanced reporting and capacity planning capabilities. Conveniently billed as a monthly subscription per rack it aligns easily with your NEXTDC data centre service.

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ONEDC Packages at a glance

Telemetry Package Advanced Management Package
Access Management icon icon
Power Monitoring icon icon
Environment Monitoring icon icon
Service Management icon icon
Infrastructure Visualisation and Management Available exclusively with a NEXTDC colocation solution. *Not sold as a separate package. icon
Connectivity Tracking icon
Predictable Planning icon
Alerts and Notifications icon
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ONEDC Features


Access Management

Remotely unlock rack doors. Manage virtual and physical access permissions, down to a single rack.


Connectivity Tracking

View all connection paths between devices, including fibre and power. Track connected devices from the rack view. Perform redundancy evaluations with colour-coded devices to indicate risk levels.


Predictable Planning

Access real-time dashboards and scenario testing tools, design your ‘what if’ scenarios. Don't get caught by surprises.


Power Monitoring

View current power consumption against allocation per rack. View balance of A vs B power.


Service Management

Create and view tickets for support services. View and manage your global enterprise services.


Alerts and Notifications

Set alerts and be notified when a system reaches a warning or critical level. Receive real time notifications of critical levels on circuit breakers and power.


Environment Monitoring

View real time temperature and humidity measurements.


Infrastructure Visualisation & Management

Quick search to identify exact locations of your devices across multiple data centres, including hall, row and rack. Track single points of failure in your infrastructure layout. Manage power supply to optimise your solution before implementing the change.



Generate reports to inform procurement strategy and asset replacement, simulate power outage and distribution, and manage scheduled maintenance or repair

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