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Project management

NEXTDC can offer project management expertise to companies who need help planning their data centre migrations.

This is a risky time for a business and we know it needs careful planning and execution with no room for error.

We have highly experienced technical project managers available to manage your installation. They will engage you throughout the entire process, planning your transition to your NEXTDC facility to ensure delivery on time.

Each environment goes through the following project management schedule.

The stages include:

  • design
  • procurement
  • build dates
  • testing
  • commissioning
  • hand over (Service Commencement Date).

This method ensures all elements and timelines associated with these elements are captured. Each new installation is assigned to an experienced NEXTDC employee responsible for the project management and ensuring the cage, racks, power and other items are ordered and built to the agreed specification to meet the "Service Commencement Date".

You can trust us

You can put your trust in our certified project management team, who have supported some of the largest global and Australian companies relocating to NEXTDC facilities.

Our staff will be happy to talk through your needs and put a proposal together to help you manage your data migration project.

Full data centre migration

Engage our certified project management team and qualified specialist partners to manage your full data centre migration.

Benefit from the years of experience we have had in successfully migrating ICT equiqment maintaining continuity of service throughout.

We will develop detailed plans, asset manifest and risk management strategies in consultation with your team. We ensure that equipment is protected at all times and that priority is given to the safe and efficient migration within project timeframes.

Our migration management service includes:

  • audit of the existing infrastructure
  • development of patch matrix
  • design of configuration
  • preparation of works at the destination site
  • development of a detailed manifest
  • development of roll back and other risk mitigation strategies
  • dismantling and packaging equipment
  • transportation local and interstate
  • marine cargo insurance for your valuable equipment
  • patching,cabling and power requirements


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