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Whether you're a consumer of technology, or a provider of technology services, your business will benefit from the vast interconnection capabilities available inside NEXTDC.

As Australia’s most cloud-connected digital infrastructure provider, we deliver your business the most direct access at the closest proximity to Australia’s largest ICT ecosystem who underpin your Hybrid Cloud / Multi-Cloud strategy.

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Fast, secure and direct access to the world’s largest cloud providers

NEXTDC is Australia’s most cloud-enabled digital interconnection hub. Offering the greatest choice around public cloud connectivity in the market, we provide your business with high-performance, private access to your public cloud platforms.

NEXTDC provide you the closest in proximity you can get to your clouds, which enables you to significantly lower your costs and improve performance and reliability between your IT environment and your cloud providers.

When you build your private cloud at NEXTDC, you colocate your physical IT infrastructure adjacent to the leading Public cloud platforms, carrier networks and technology services providers. NEXTDC enables you to customise your own portfolio of ICT services that are best suited to your business. With NEXTDC, your immediate advantage is benefiting from choice of services opposed to that within your own enterprise or on-premises data centre. As Australia’s most interconnected digital platform, your business will benefit from a reduction in latency by up to 66%.

NEXTDC data centres house the countries’ most active and network- rich partner ecosystem. Comprising more than 640 clouds, network providers and ICT services specialists, NEXTDC is where digital businesses build their Hybrid Cloud environment. Your business will thrive from direct and private connects to AWS, Microsoft, Google, Oracle Cloud, IBM cloud and you’ll reap all the benefits that cloud offers, without any of the cost, security, or reliability concerns. At NEXTDC, your business will benefit from unparalleled choice and flexibility. When it comes to building your Hybrid Cloud, we’ll help you build for today, with the future in mind.

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