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The fastest, easiest and most direct connections to your clouds.

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Minimise costs, reduce latency and improve performance.

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Fast, flexible, high-performance services that seamlessly integrate customers and partners across the metropolitan area.

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Carrier grade, cost-effective intercapital connectivity services.

The direct route to your clouds

By housing your in-house infrastructure in the same location as your clouds, you position yourself in the epicentre of your digital supply chain. Our digital infrastructure platform enables direct, secure and native access to your clouds, with the advantage of proximity. The power of proximity and speed delivers you the agility, performance, and customer experience advantages needed to increase your competitive edge.

NEXTDC is where digital businesses connect. We bring the cloud to you, in turn enabling your business to drive more optimal and profitable outcomes from your IT investments.

As the interconnection hub for Australian businesses, NEXTDC will help you access new markets, transform your services and enhance customer experience. The critical success factor in bringing these components together is connectivity, and NEXTDC delivers your business direct, dynamic and dedicated interconnection solutions, that unify your people, data, workloads and locations. Helping you to improve application and network performance, lower complexity whilst giving you back control, and create cost and ROI predictability.

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Direct, dynamic and native access to the world’s largest cloud providers

Where digital businesses connect

Seamlessly interconnecting your people to your clouds, data, workloads and locations is the lynchpin to your business performing optimally, moving quickly and enabling consistent predictability.

Investing in the right data centre interconnection strategy is a key enabler for grow and business agility. Our vendor and carrier-neutral data centres form the critical digital foundations that enable you to increase revenue, reduce risk and drive more profitable outcomes.

NEXTDC’s data centres are critical interconnectivity hubs for business. Housing over 730 cloud, carrier and ICT providers, we offer your business the advantage of optionality. We enable you complete control in choosing the right digital services you need for your business, or project, on your terms.

The interconnected advantage for NetSG

Reducing network and carrier costs through flexible direct cloud connectivity

Easing network complexity by aggregating multiple services into a single, private SD-WAN

Creating time for organisations to innovate, speeding up adaption to change through simplified architecture management

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Scale and transform with ease

For today’s modern digital business, interconnectivity is a critical strategy for IT as it enables direct, private, and secure exchanges of data. It means everything and everyone is connected, and enables the seamless collaboration of your people, places and workloads in real-time.

Siloed connectivity strategies create cost, performance and operational complexities. With AXON, NEXTDC’s interconnectivity platform, we remove that complexity by enabling you to seamlessly unify all the components of your hybrid environment.

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