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Gain the most direct access to your clouds at the closest possible proximity and adjacency

Customised solutions

We customise connectivity solutions to ensure your business is interconnected directly, securely and cost effectively to the critical services that drive your business forward

Secure, scalable connections

Scale up or down as your business demands with greater reliability, performance, and cost efficiencies within one secure and highly reliable location


High-bandwidth, lowest latency connections, anywhere to anywhere

The interconnected advantage

Interconnection at NEXTDC means overcoming the limitations that traditional networking creates. The flexibility and resilience of your IT infrastructure are the key to delivering exceptional customer value, whilst rapidly and confidently responding to change.

Meeting the digital demands of today requires a re-think of traditional IT architecture. To meet the distributed and digitalised needs of business, it’s time to re-think the location of your digital edge and place it closer in proximity to the people, places, clouds, data, and applications that fuel the growth of your business.

Unify your digital infrastructure and interactions

NEXTDC is Australia’s most connected digital infrastructure platform in terms of access to hyperscale cloud providers, private clouds providers, carrier networks, and ICT services organisations. The advantage of AXON, NEXTDCs powerful interconnection platform, enables you the freedom and flexibility to instantly and seamlessly interconnect all of the digital services and platforms your business needs to succeed.

AXON enables dynamic network connections in real-time to the leading cloud providers and digital services providers nationwide. This approach brings further efficiencies to a Hybrid Multi‑Cloud environment, enabling greater efficiencies in performance, scalability and flexibility, and lower bandwidth costs. AXON enables the seamless orchestration and integration of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud strategies with direct, virtual connections of up to 10Gbps.

  • Establish direct, private, and highly secure connections to cloud platforms, digital services, and ICT providers
  • Achieve optimal levels of performance, security, and flexibility with an interconnection-first approach, to enable the secure and seamless exchange of data
  • Integrate and unify workloads, networks, and locations within one interconnection platform to help you scale your digital services.

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What our customers are saying

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“Having a fat pipe into the AXON platform gives us a lot of flexibility and options to connect to all cloud services as we grow.”

John Kerr
Infrastructure Manager

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“With infrastructure in NEXTDC’s facilities, we can then use the AXON network to connect and deploy to any cloud platform we want.”

Mark Naidoo
Head of IT Architecture


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