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Cross Connects

NEXTDC Cross Connects are physical, hardwired cables that provide a direct connection between two different termination locations within any NEXTDC data centre. Cross Connects enable customers to establish high-performance, dedicated connections to one another within the data centre.

Cross Connects within NEXTDC's data centres enable high performance, reliable, low latency physical connections direct to your clouds, networks, vendors and partners. Built with single mode optical fibre (SMOF) and Cat 6 Ethernet, all Cross Connects are established by NEXTDC facility staff in our dedicated interconnect rooms. Our optical Cross Connects are either rack-to-carrier or rack-to-rack, and can be single or dual core.

Provisioning a Cross Connect is simple, enabling fast access to the clouds, carrier networks and ICT services providers needed. Cross Connects can be ordered at any time via your ONEDC portal, which our technicians will process and turn around quickly.

Interconnect rooms

Our data centres contain at least one interconnect room where carriers have established a point of presence to provide you with their various connectivity services.

Each data centre has multiple entry points to allow carriers to provide redundant and diverse offerings to our customers. Diversity and redundancy is also supported within our facilities through multiple paths and data hall entry points from each interconnect room.

Structured cabling

Connect your racks to our facility connectivity infrastructure. Structured cabling can be ordered via ONEDC.


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