High performance, scalable connections between data centres

Connect directly between data centres located in the same metropolitan area, accessing one locally available ecosystem via a Data Centre Interconnect (DCI).

NEXTDC's DCI's are high-performance, carrier-grade network links that connect customers and partners operating between multiple NEXTDC data centres in the same metropolitan area.

DCI’s provide uncontended point-to-point connectivity between NEXTDC data centres in the same city. Delivered over your choice of Ethernet (DCIe) or Dark Fibre (DCIf) providing secure, resilient and cost-effective connectivity your business demands.

Our DCI's unify our metropolitan data centre footprint, enabling customers to directly access all the providers and services their business depends on. Furthermore, DCI's enable organisations to scale easily and cost efficiently within our enterprise-class facilities.

For example, Sydney customers colocating at S2 Sydney will choose a DCI to S1 Sydney. The DCI connection is a lightening fast, highly reliable inter-site connection that enables customers to connect directly back to any cloud, carrier or partner within the S1 data centre.

Benefit from highly reliable, extremely low-latency connections that enable fast, flexible and affordable services that seamlessly integrate customers, partners and service providers within NEXTDC's rich partner ecosystem.

Expand your ecosystem and seamlessly scale your IT services and critical infrastructure.

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