Australia’s leading digital infrastructure platform

NEXTDC is recognised as the leading data centre and interconnection solutions provider in Australia. When your physical IT infrastructure is colocated at NEXTDC, your business and the infrastructure that drives it is secured, protected and interconnected by Australia’s most reliable national data centre network.

NEXTDC’s infrastructure platform forms your businesses digital backbone. We empower you to regain control and connect everyone, to everything, anywhere and deliver a seamless connected experience every time.

Data traction is the key to thriving in a data economy

For businesses today, speed and agility hold the key to thriving in a data economy.

Achieving and sustaining this requires holistic thinking around how you connect and manage data and workloads so they are highly secure, stripped of complexity and offer freedoms of flexibility and choice. With a holistic interconnection-first strategy, NEXTDC help you to break through the barriers of traditional networking challenges; so you acclerate the momentum of your data traction and continue your pursuit of growth and customer acquisition.

Enabling scale and speed with NEXTDC’s Interconnected solutions

NEXTDC’s interconnection solutions enable you to unify your digital infrastructure and interconnect seamlessly, and natively to the leading public clouds, network providers, private clouds and digital services that underpin your business and form your competitive advantage.

We help you accelerate your data traction by

Future-proof your Hybrid/Multi-Cloud architecture in an environment that delivers 100% reliability and security; where your clouds and digital services are located adjacent to your IT infrastructure.

Empowering your data and digital interactions to flow freely and securely, without friction. Our digital native solutions are designed to bend and flex with the changing nature of your business.

Enabling you to take control and deliver transparency over your environment. Connect everyone, to everything, anywhere with Australia’s most trusted, reliable and secure digital infrastructure platform.

Leveraging the advantage of low-latency and zero-jitter performance. Our data centres are in the closest proximity to your clouds and digital services, meaning the distance data travels is removed, performance is improved and security upheld.

Dynamic interconnection services with the AXON Interconnection platform

AXON enables on-demand, seamless and highly secure interconnection to any public cloud platform, private cloud provider, network service and even distributed locations. AXON enables you to double down on the efficiencies of Hybrid-Multi‑Cloud, delivering reliable interconnectivity services that drastically improve performance, increase flexibility and agility, optimise bandwidth capability whilst lowering operating costs.

Our customers use AXON to:

  • Implement their Hybrid-Multi-Cloud strategies with high performance connections up to 10Gbps
  • Establish low latency connections to cloud onramps for diversity and redundancy
  • Orchestrate public cloud, private cloud and carrier connections in one easy-to-use portal
  • Enact data retention policies, spinning up instances on-demand to port data between production and DR (Disaster Recovery). With ports being deactivated upon completion
  • Facilitate migration projects, leveraging AXON’s PAYG model.

Learn how AXON supports your digital strategy to help you lower your total economic investment and maximise outcomes

Inter and intra-data centre connectivity with Cross Connects and Data Centre Interconnects

NEXTDC’s Data Centre Interconnects (DCI) and Cross Connects enable direct interconnections to cloud service providers, network service providers, customers and partners who reside within any NEXTDC facility located in the same metropolitan area (DCI) or within the same campus (Cross Connect).

Interconnection is the key to digital business staying ahead, download our brochure to learn more about the right solutions for your organisation.

Accelerate your digital advantage

Speed and agility are essential to compete and remain ahead of market changes, whilst managing disruption and innovation. Things happen and situations change quickly, but business momentum and the traction your business maintains in market should never be interrupted. Your competitive advantage is amplified when you move and respond to opportunity quickly. An interconnection-first strategy, located at the closest proximity to your clouds and digital services gives your business the upper hand of dynamic business agility and uninterrupted data traction.

Interconnection-first architecture enables complete choice and flexibility in stabilising, scaling and porting data and workloads.

Being in close proximity to your data and workloads ensures instant, cost-efficient data exchanges that ensure performance is improved and risk is minimised.

Integrate, interoperate and accelerate digital infrastructure at scale, in real-time.

Tap into diverse capabilities, give yourself the advantage of choice and bring together everyone, everywhere, at anytime.