Australia’s leading digital infrastructure platform

NEXTDC is recognised as the leading data centre provider in Australia. When you migrate your IT infrastructure in any of NEXTDC’s data centres, your critical IT assets are secured, protected and interconnected by Australia’s most reliable network of world-class facilities. We empower you to take back control of your distributed IT environment and deliver a seamless connected experience every time.

Our AXON fabric is a powerful interconnection platform that brings together the cloud providers, platforms, partners and digital services that fuel the growth of your business and form your competitive advantage.

  • Future-proof your Hybrid/Multi-Cloud architecture by ensuring your digital infrastructure is located next to the public cloud platforms and carrier networks
  • Establish virtual connections in real-time to the digital services and platforms important to your business, on the industry’s most reliable and secure interconnection platform
  • Enable low-latency and zero-jitter performance by housing your IT infrastructure within the closest proximity to the people, places, customers and clouds that underpin the success of your business

Private connections, in real-time

NEXTDC is Australia’s most connected digital infrastructure platform delivering direct, secure and low latency access to hyperscale cloud providers, private clouds providers, carrier networks and ICT services organisations. The advantage of AXON, our powerful interconnection platform, enables you the freedom and flexibility to instantly and seamlessly interconnect all the digital services and platforms your business needs to succeed.

  • Establish direct, private and highly secure connections to current and future-state cloud platforms, digital services and ICT providers
  • Achieve optimal levels of performance, security and flexibility with an interconnection-first approach, to enable the secure exchange of data
  • Integrate and unify workloads, networks and locations within one interconnection platform to help you scale your digital services

A fundamental requirement to compete and remain ahead of market changes, and manage disruption and innovation is speed and agility. Things happen, and situations change quickly. Your competitive advantage rises to the surface when you move and change in-step with change. An interconnection-first strategy, located at the closest proximity to your clouds, workloads, and digital services, gives your business the upper hand of dynamic business agility.

  • Interconnection-first architecture enables complete choice and flexibility in stabilising, scaling or porting workloads
  • Being located in close proximity to your data and workloads ensures instant, cost efficient data exchanges, with zero operational impact
  • Enables you to accelerate and integrate digital infrastructure at scale, in real-time
  • Empowers you to innovate by tapping into diverse capabilities with software-defined connectivity, bringing together everyone, everywhere, at anytime