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NEXTDC is Australia’s most trusted provider of data centre solutions nationwide. We provide the power, security and interconnectivity organisations need for their critical I.T infrastructure. We are passionate about protecting our planet and creating a more sustainable future, and our mission is to help our customers harness the power of the digital age to drive better outcomes that are more sustainable for business and the environment.

NEXTneutral is NEXTDC’s carbon neutral colocation solution, but it’s more than just offsetting carbon emissions. It enables our ecosystem to come together around a shared commitment to sustainability leadership and create a more sustainable future together.

Our company and NEXTneutral are Climate Active certified. Under our NEXTneutral program we’re extending our Climate Active-accredited partnerships to our ecosystem, enabling our customers and partners to leverage the carbon offset capability we have built through our own corporate program.

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Going carbon neutral in one click

The IT equipment, services, and data we produce is a business necessity - but technology, the power required to run it and process the data it produces - results in the emission of greenhouse gases which are harmful to our natural surroundings.

We’ve removed the time and complexity involved in calculating the amount of carbon you produce and how you counteract that carbon with carbon offsets. NEXTneutral colocation has pre-calculated the carbon emissions produced in a standard data centre rack for you, and we take care of the procurement of the carbon offsets on your behalf. Helping you quickly, and easily achieve net-zero emissions within your NEXTDC data centre.

The carbon that you offset from your NEXTDC data centre goes toward funding important ecological projects that help counter the effects of greenhouse gas, which in turn create real change for the environment and society.

Opting in to NEXTneutral is achieved with one click from your ONEDC account. When we say you’re one click away from achieving zero-net emissions for your I.T operations housed within your NEXTDC data centre, we mean it.

Helping the planet, one project at a time

We’ve combined our sustainable engineering practises with our passion for preserving our planet. In partnership with our Climate-Active certified carbon offset partners, we fund a portfolio of carbon offset projects that are making a real impact on people, society and the planet.

Innovative simplicity draws accolades

Based on the way that NEXTneutral was developed, delivered and embraced by a market searching for uncomplicated sustainability solutions that support their carbon neutral objectives, NEXTDC was awarded a Top 10 finish in the Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies awards (Technology category).

Native Vegetation
and Reforestation

Native Vegetation Projects are carbon offset initiatives that improve water quality and help to preserve pristine natural habitats. These projects re-introduce carbon absorbing plant life to areas stripped by development which significantly reduces the effects of carbon pollution.

Cool Fire

Fire abatement projects improve the health of our country, through the prevention of destructive wildfires. By enabling controlled back burning techniques that prevent the spread of wildfires, it encourages the natural regeneration of the land and prevents the creation of harmful carbon emissions.

Renewable Energy

From all over the world, the shift to clean energy is in overdrive. Through important renewable energy projects, we are helping to create a new future; helping to replace polluting energy sources with more efficient or carbon neutral ones create surplus clean power to communities.

Achieve your sustainability objectives and target zero-net emissions for your NEXTneutral data centre solutions. Find out more about NEXTDC’s environmental sustainability initiatives.

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